This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

“Whether Rain, Sleet, Snow, or meteor storms, we’ll deliver! Closed on Full Moons.”

Self Critique: The shading of the cotton parts on Harriette don’t make it look all that fluffy. Looks more goopy than fluffy.

Harriette’s back, and now she finally has a profession! Now being placed in the same universe as The Fearless* Belinda Cauldron, she serves as one of the letter carriers of that world’s White Rabbit Post. Unlike the humans and spirits of Earth, Harriette’s race of rabbit people (name not finalized) come from the Moon, thus classified as aliens and much more advanced. And unlike someone like Belinda, who uses mana to cast spells, Harriette’s people use machinery to harness mana. In Harriette’s case, as well as the WRP, they use mana to create portals to deliver the mail and small packages. When packages are too big and abundant, that’s where their fleet of flying ships come in. These ships also function using mana, and are able to create larger portals. Harriette’s role is to deliver mail and small packages in Belinda’s town, with the occasional large package delivery. She also serves as a courier for the local guild.

Okay, now lets talk about design. For the longest, Harriette was always nude. Given that she was created over a decade ago for a hentai project, it was to be expected. It wasn’t until 2016 that she finally got some clothes on her chibi form, which was a one piece that I always seem to default to whenever I’m covering up typically nude characters. This time, because I have something planned this Summer, I wanted to give her a proper outfit. That’s when I decided on making her a postal worker in Belinda’s world. Her outfit was partly based on the USPS, with a small dash of Grimm Fairytale/Alice In Wonderland aesthetic. After her reintroduction in 2015, Harriette’s body type was always supposed to be chubby. But I could never get it right. Her 2017 pic didn’t make it obvious either. This time around I wanted to make it clearer. That’s where a pose from Marie Bunnie (@bunnie_mommy) came into play. I recreated it with one of my Body-chan models, as well as my newly acquired TBLeague model, and then got to work.

With the pose in mind, I wanted this to take place within the post office that Harriette works. However I kept wanting to make this a sort of diorama style pic, keeping in line with what I did with Belinda back in 2017. So I settled on that, with Harriette hoisting her leg onto one of the boxes. Since this was a diorama pic now, I could also show off other assets of the the universe this takes place in. This meant allusions to real-world companies, as well as some White Rabbit Post boxes and the ship they use. Completing the setup was the inclusion of some chibi representations of Harriette, with her in the basket as well as piloting the ship. I wasn’t sure at first if I should’ve made the lighting on Harriette and the boxes react to the portal since I didn’t do it with the moon on Belinda back then. But to not do it would’ve looked weird, so I went ahead with it. Overall I’m pleased with the results.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Cintiq 16 Tablet used. Body-Chan model traced for construction lines. TBLeague model and pose from Marie Bunny referenced.

Harriette is © DeadPhoenX

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