Stop taunting the poor girl already!

Self-Critique: I know there’s gotta be a better way to shade in cotton (on her wrists). I did better this time compared to the other, but I know I it can do better than what I did now. The hair curls are shaded in differently on each side and not consistent. I probably should’ve made the grassblades touching her thighs case a shadow.

Chubby bunnygirl Harriette’s back again! Last time she made an appearance (besides on the 10 Anniversary poster) was on Harriette’s Easter Faux Pas. Now she’s back and… well she’s rather desperate for one of her favorite snacks: Chocolate Carrots. It’s even worse since whoever’s taunting her with it dipped it in whipped cream. The cruel bastard!

From the beginning, I wanted to make this one big joke of a pic, alluding to… well, you know. But to make it work, I had to get an above-model POV reference. I thought the Pose Book had what I wanted. When I checked, it did, but not in the way I wanted it. That’s when I moved on to the S.H. Figuarts Body-Chan to get the pose I wanted. I was rather skeptical because on another pic I’m working on, the model couldn’t do a full butt-to-feet kneel (like if you’re in a Japanese tatami room). That’s when I realized that the model’s knees were double jointed and could kneel a bit further. Not all the way, but just enough. I traced out the skeleton and then drew the rest in. I was weary, but confident that I could pull this off since this was the first time I drew a character from above like this. It was a matter of following the skeleton schematic and referring to my angle references. To make Harriette look more frazzled, I also added little strands of hair in several spots. I also redesigned her bunny ears, making them more floppy, as adding tufts of hair closer to her head. Her hair color is also more closer to blue than silver this time.

For the background, it was a little tough since I had to rush this out for Pixiv (since Japan’s time is ahead of ours by half a day). Worse still was that I was drawing this during Toonami, so I got super distracted. One thing’s for sure, I wanted to add just a bit more detail than Harriette’s first pic since. That’s were I utilized the grass brushes in Clip Studio Paint, as well as using the Hard Airbrush for the thicker grassblades for Harriette and the eggs. Speaking of eggs, I almost forgot to put them. when planning the background. I finally realized this when I wondered if the pic looked “Easter” enough. I dreaded having to design them, but it turned out not to be that bad. Finally, this pic marks the first time I used a color filter on a character. I used a pick filter on Harriette to make her skin more pink-ish and flushed. As fast as I was going with this pic, I’m quite happy with the results.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model traced for skeleton, freehanded the rest of the way.
Harriette is (c) DeadPhoenX.

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