WIP Report: The Making of Sofia from Battle Arena Toshinden

The last of the concept sketch re-dos. I have an interesting history with the old concept sketch I did of this one back then. Around that time (still 2018) I finally got myself some Micron pens and started using them for inking. Since they came in various sizes, I tried out some sketchy/crosshatch shading on her. I did like the results, but I still wanted to at least scan her in and finish up doing her outfit. However that never happened… until now. I’ve since improved on drawing bodies and faces, and I’ve embraced digital watercolor brushes for smoothing and blending of different shades. Even that red-shade thing I did with Kongiku and Yuzuruha I applied on Sofia’s ¾ view (but with gray). The question left was what outfit I’d go with. Sofia’s had many different outfits throughout the Toshinden series. Either I picked my favorite, go with an obscure one, or with her more well known outfit. Eventually I settled on… almost all of them! Starting after my old concept sketch and moving backwards, we got Toshinden default, Toshinden promo, Toshinden 2 promo, Toshinden 3 default, and Toshinden URA. Given some of the obvious point regarding her character design, it’s safe to say I don’t have to go crazy doing anything specific with the variants.

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