WIP Report: The Making of She-Ra (1980s)

Updated 4/5/2021

he next several concept sketches going up on the BFA have all been redone from concept sketches dating back to 2018. I basically wanted to bring them all up to par with my currently level, as well as finish some that remained incomplete all this time. I’ll also be putting up the old concept sketches next to the new ones to show how far I’ve come since 2018. The first here is the 1980s version of She-Ra. The was actually very close to having a full pic drawn back then, with construction lines ready to be drawn on. However I wasn’t quite feeling the pose I picked, eventually losing interest in continuing. I had hoped to return to it soon after dropping it, but it never happened. That all changed recently with my renewed interest to do fully rendered pics of all the overdue characters and ideas that I put down in my sketchbook before sending it off.

You can see in the mini gallery the original concept sketch from 2018 compared to now. Besides the obvious facial changes, everything would basically stay as is. The crest on her outfit would have dimension and not remain a flat object. Even thought I drew and colored them in together, I plan to have the wings of the headdress somewhat flared out and separated. For variants, you can see in the ¾ view that a leotard version will be created. It looks like the cape in the original came from the collar (or even the outfit itself). I decided to change that to make it hang over the shoulder for a little bit of style. I didn’t draw a chain connecting the sides, but I’ll most likely be doing that once the full render begins.

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