This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Belinda: “Howdy! Th’ name’s Belinda Cauldron! M’pals call me “The Fearless”
Tasma: …On a good day.

Self Critique: I tried finding a way to make the front brim of the hat look longer. It looks like it suddenly shortens. The underside of the cape might be too overblended. The ivy brush I used on the background was too pixelated.

Finally finished my Halloween pic. Took almost the whole month to do thanks to Cala Maria showing up on the scene and stealing the show. This year, I really wanted to bring back Belinda after she was absent last year. This time around, I wanted to give her a more formal introduction compared to her 2015 pic, as well as re-introduce her companions Kai (upper left ghost), Tasma (lower left ghost), and Jackie (flaming pumpkin). In terms of how whe was shaded in, I looked to a tutorial by Bokuman on shading torsos, which is more apparent on the lingerie ad nude variants. However my main focus was on the hips, and I wanted Belinda to be a hip-heavy girl compared to her previous outings. There were also other changes I made to Belinda’s design, which included restoring the star buckles on her hat and belt. I also gave her earrings this time too. The shoulder straps of her dress are now white instead of black like in the 2015 pic. Also, this is the first pic I did using the new Kentaro Yabuki Body-chan model I got.

For the background, I had actually planned to have everything stay on flat color with a white background. But when everything was set and I put that purple background, I decided that I would shade everythign in. This time however, I wanted to utilize my simple shading method so that I could 1) get more practice with it, 2) keep the layer count low, and 3) finish this quick. I utilized the meithod on things that were more defined, like the pumpkins, the tombstones, and the house. But for things like the grass, trees, and mountains, I used other brushes. The marble pattern I made using a watercolor brush. The grass was done using a custom grass brush. The trees were done using an oil brush. And the clouds in the sky were done using a watercolor brush. The background is actually a diorama recreation of the background from the 2015 pic.

As a quick sidenote on Belinda’s personality, She was previously something of a go-getter that knew what to do. Magicpotion mentioned on the 2015 pic how Belinda was still getting used to flying with her broomstick. This ran counter to Belinda simply trying to get the heck outta the mansion. But then I thought “what if she were somethign of a noob?”. So the Fearless* moniker was created. Outwardly, she’s gung-ho and ready to get things done. But at the first sign of trouble, she’s a total wimp! This is were Kai, Tasma, and Jackie come in. Kai and Tasma can posses other creatures to aid Belinda, as well as use low-level phantom magic. Jackie is the brute force, igniting enemies and bashing into them. If there’s somethign that only Belinda can do, they’re there to calm her down and remember the basics of witchcraft and magic.

So many thanks to Magicpotion! And thanks to @bokuman as well for the tutorial. It was a real life saver!

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 tablet used. Body-chan model traced for schematic skeleton. Drawn the rest of the way.
The Fearless* Belinda Cauldron is (c) DeadPhoenX.


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