Want some artwork drawn for you? You’ve come to the right place! I offer artwork services both SFW and NSFW, with options for variants and background types.

Before you contact, please check the commission status to see if commissions are open, and how many people are ahead of you.

Open Commission Status Report

Clean, smooth lineart, with a white or transparent background. Useful if you need lines done and want to pass on to a colorist.

If you just need flat colors laid down on your artwork, that can be done too. I can also draw up to Flat Colors as well.

AKA, The Usual. Pick this, and you’ll have the full on, detailed shading that I’m known for.

Want to add some variety to your commission? Maybe a little spice? Add on a Variant to your commission. It could be a lingerie version, nude, or a slight change in pose (like a different arm placement). It doesn’t have to stop there! Even a different set of clothing or lingerie can be added on as a variant.

Besides the Base version, a maximum of 3 variants can be added on. Prices for these variants are negotiable, and they START AT $5 for each.

Formerly known as “Simple Background”, Having a patterned background helps to liven up your commission and not be so empty.

Detailed Backgrounds are full-on environmental backgrounds, placing your character in a location and making the whole scene come alive.

*If you choose to not have a background, then a single color/gradient will be chosen to compliment the character and composition. This is applied free of charge.

Like other artists, I do have my limits regard what I can or can’t draw, whether by moral choice or skill level. What I won’t draw are:

  • Loli
  • Scat
  • Guro
  • Incest
  • Inflation
  • Beastiality
  • Furry/Anthro at Level 3 or higher
  • All Content related to Steven Universe
  • All Content related to Five Nights At Freddy’s
  • Politically charged content related to persons, groups, identities, religions, and organizations
  • Fixing and/or adjusting AI art.

Attempting to commission me for the above listed, circumvent by means of deception, or to even ask out of curiosity, will result in communications being terminated and an immediate blacklisting with no further notification on my end.

Due to the frequent adult nature of what I draw, I cannot publicly mention what payment methods I use. If the amount is under $70, then you may choose to pay the entire amount upfront or when the artwork is completed. You’ll be sent an invoice with the name of your commission and the total amount due. If the amount due is at or exceeds $70, then you must pay the 50% of the amount due upfront for work to begin, then the other half upon completion.

Note 1: Do not attempt to pay more than what’s agreed upon in an attempt bump off another commissioner, monopolize the slots, or sign me into de-facto exclusivity deals. It is unfair to the other clients and may greatly hamper my reach. Repeated attempts will result in cancellation of commission and termination of future work. If you disregard this warning and pay me extra for the express purpose of the above, excess payment will have the difference refunded.

Note 2: I also do not accept exposure as payment. Your follower count means nothing to me, nor will promises of future businesses from said followers.

So, ready to commission? You can reach me email at deadphoenx.mailbox@gmail.com using the accompanying contact form. You can also contact me via Twitter DMs or DeviantArt Notes.

    (Note: If it’s a weekend or a U.S. holiday, I won’t be replying to messages. But I will the next business day).