Happy late Easter!

Self Critique: Sweet Jesus where do I start? Well let’s get the small things over with before we tackle the bigger picture. The cotton parts of her wrist look like they sink in instead of puffing out. Would’ve been better to shade in starting from the bottom and moving up instead of from the top. Also, swirling lineart might not have been the best choice for cotton in this case. Her head seems a tad too big for her body. While we’re on her body, let’s get to the bigger picture: her belly. This is something that’ll require probably a few more pics to get right. I seemed to have the right idea like having the left belly-line be on the bottom-left and stop halfway (going all the way up to below the chest denotes firm abs). But it probably would’ve helped to make that line meet with the outer body line, as well as be lower, closer to the pelvic area. We’ll see if I try something like this next time.

So then, meet Harriette, a bunnygirl that once drew back in… 2005! Yep, I drew this girl once 10 years ago. She was in a series of fantasy creature girls I drew back then (which Rhapsody also came from). However, since this was a hentai series (think the poses of some of them) and access to things like a scanner and internet were very limited, those 20+ drawing weren’t gonna see the light of day on dA when I eventually joined the following year.

But I digress, Harriette was part of a pair of bunnygirls I drew and was actually thinner than here. In bringing her back, being a bunny and all, I decided to giver a pooch since bunnies are supposed to be fluffy. I practiced drawing chubbier girls in my little black sketchbook, though results were questionable. Again like I said in the critique, I might be onto something this time. I was actually about to pair her up with her bunnygirl partner in crime. However time constraints and being unable to find that drawing resulted in Harriette being alone. I do remember somewhat what she and Harriette looked like, but I would’ve preferred to have it available so see what to retain, change, or remove.

At first I was going to have the background be a simple one like Rhapsody’s Valentine picture. At the last minute I switched to doing something that resembled an Easter greeting card. Also last minute was Finne’s inclusion, this time again freehanding his booty-oggling ass. I would’ve added more, but I was getting tired. I practically marathon’d this pic all weekend, only to still be late.

Finally her name. Her old name from 2005 was Fluffy. Yeah I know. So I changed it to something a little more plausible, but still alluding to what she is.

Done on GIMP 2.8.10. Intuos4 Table used.
Harriette and Finne are © DeadPhoenX.