WIP Report – The Making of Miko from Sengoku Blade

I’ll be honest, I’m not too certain how I first became aware of this game. I have a feeling that it was either a twitter post about Sengoku Blade, or it’s announcement of the Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo on the Switch. Either way, there was a very obvious reason why I decided to put Miko on the list to draw. What I wasn’t prepared for however was drawing her outfit and goggles.

With the character, there was quite a bit of trouble when it came to understanding what exactly I was looking at. I made the mistake of charging in head-first without looking up the basic design for a Shrine Maiden outfit and the old aviation goggles that Miko wears on her head. I had livestreamed my inking of her on Instagram. But the end result was a bust and look pretty bad. So I re-did the concept sketch on Clip Studio Paint, this time with more references on hand and a more methodical approach. The goggles are definitely going to me a challenge no matter what, especially in conjunction with the hairstyle Miko is rocking. I did manage to find a couple of images of Miko without the goggles to get a better understanding of her hair and how best to place the goggles. But regardless, it’ll be a challenge. The shrine maiden outfit reference gave me a much better understanding of how it looks like and the kinds of liberties I have to take to get it just right on Miko.

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