So you’re now accustomed to the gallery and all its intricacies. But you’re probably wondering what those Chibi characters are adorning the header (and several other areas, like on Twitter, DeviantArt, Pixiv, and the 10 Anniversary Poster). I’ve already explained a little bit on both DeviantArt and Pixiv where they come from. But now I’ll give a full explanation as to when they were created, what they were associated with, what years they represent, and if they’ll still have any use in any projects or stories I create.


I should probably start with the fish, the odd-man out of the entire group. Finne is my mascot. He technically debuted in 2006 under a different name and part of a fan-game idea. However in 2009, I started drawing him more frequently among my friends and family, acting as something of a calling card whenever I was around and I wanted to leave behind a drawing. He was quick and easy to draw compared to other characters I’ve done. He soon became part of my “DeadPhoenX” logo in 2010. My gaming blog “The Wired Fish” was also named after him and incorporated into the site’s logo. Today, he’s still in almost everything I do. As a matter of fact, since 2015 he’s included as an Easter egg in all original art (not fanart) that I do. Think can you find him? He represents years 2010-2013.

Artwork With Finne: He’s everywhere!

Chelsí Pleinair

Chelsí is the next one, full name Chelsí Pleinair. Her creation is an interesting case and is something that almost every girl in this group has in common. She was created in 2004 as “Chelsea” and was a schoolgirl with a French Painter theme. Her design was inspired by a line of Lollipop Girls dolls that my sister was collecting. The story she was included in was actually a hentai story I had concepts of. However that went nowhere with the story being scrapped (but the characters being retained for repurposing in other stories). She was then (somewhat subconsciously) repurposed for a medieval fantasy story as a French-themed princess around late 2005. Like before, it too was hentai themed. However that story was scrapped too (with the characters being retained as well). So she was never drawn again until 2015. There was a ribbed sweater craze going on in the ecchi art community, and I was wondering how I could get in on it. Then I remembered having a French painter girl in my repertoire of characters that wore a sweater. So I brought her back with her old design and under a new name spelling, Chelsí, and made her sweater ribbed. Once uploaded, she became my postergirl for everything I do, representing the art side of things. Since she debuted in very late 2015 but had more art in 2016, she represents 2016.

Artwork with Chelsí: What Am I Going to Draw Today (2015), No Valentine’s Day Pic (2016), I’m Ready To Paint (2016), Chelsí’s Summer Fashion (2016), Joyeuse Saint Valentin (2017), Zis Chandail, It’z So Low! [Virgin Killer Sweater] (2017)


The catgirl, Rhapsody, was actually something of an error in both name and design. Starting with the name, she was actually a short-and-pink-haired catgirl. She debuted with a set of 5 catgirls and was part of a regular story idea I had. You can still find her tucked away in my DeviantArt gallery. All catgirls I’ve ever drawn had musically themed names. Here’s where the error part comes in. I had another catgirl under a different name that has the current white paws, pink stripes, and blonde hair look. She was part of a hentai story idea that saw all the catgirls from the normal story repurposed to here and completely naked. So she was a new addition to the group. When it came time to draw her and Lullaby together on DeviantArt, I realized too late that I accidentally named the new girl Rhapsody. So I pretty much gave her the Street Fighter II treatment. She would stay as Rhapsody while the old one would have whatever name the new girl originally had. She represents her online debut year, 2007.

Artwork with Rhapsody: Wanna Play a Game (2007), Purrrfect Valentine’s Day (2015)


Belinda comes from the second hentai story idea that Chelsí once appeared in. All I could remember was that she was a witch, and that’s about it. Any details about her relevance to the story were all forgotten. In 2015, I wanted to get in on the Halloween art and had the perfect character I could use. So I brought back Belinda from the Scraps ghetto and gave her the full artwork treatment 10 years later (since the story she was in was conceived in 2005). She currently doesn’t have much of a story and is really only made for anything Halloween/spooky themed. Since she made her online debut in 2006, that’s the year she represents.

Artwork with Belinda: Belinda’s Halloween Rush (2015)


Next is Harriette. She came from the same hentai story that Rhapsody came from. Talking more about that story, the theme of it was mythical fantasy-creature girls. Not necessarily monster girls, but things like Mermaids, wood nymphs, fairies, angels, catgirls, etc. Harriette (whose original name was simply Fluffy), was one of only two bunnygirls in that story. She never made her debut online and was never repurposed for any other story. When Easter 2015 was close by, I figured it was time I drew her again. However since Japanese artists and quite a bit of the ecchi/hentai community like it, I decided to make her a bit thicker this time, as well as give her a new name. Her name is actually a pun on “Hare”, which actually gave me a hard time sometimes when I would say her name out loud and trying to squeeze the “Hare” in there. I’ve since given up and just pronounce it like normal. Since someone already has 2015, Harriette’s online debut year, she instead represents 2005, the year before I joined DeviantArt (and having any online presence).

Artwork with Harriette: Harriette Easter Surprise (2015), Please… Gimme That Chocolate Carrot (2017)

Nameless Mermaid

The Nameless Mermaid comes from the same hentai story as Harriette and Rhapsody. She actually had a name back then, however around that time naming things didn’t really work too well. I can’t remember her name right now, but it was probably something simple and dumb. So now she doesn’t have a name. She was paired with another mermaid in that story that I might draw in the future. I wanted to do something water themed in 2015 that would help me flex my background-making muscles at the time. In bringing her back, I changed up her tail fin design a bit, and also made the tied hair more straight instead of making it flow out like big strands. She represents her online debut year, 2015. Maybe she’ll finally have a name before the decade ends!

Artwork with the Nameless Mermaid: Sailing Through The Sea (2015)


Lola’s origin is actually kinda forgotten. I can’t quite remember if she came from either a hentai story or a different story. Regardless, she ended up getting repurposed for the only story idea to make it to DeviantArt, Devangie’s Fairy Tale. She herself made her debut in 2007 with a light counterpart. However I made the mistake of building up her individual story, as well as others, before building up the world she would inhabit. This is something that I did a lot during my highschool/pre-online days. This would result in a lot of stories getting the axe and the characters shelved or repurposed. This would also include Devangie’s Fairy Tale. That story has been abandoned with all the human characters (except one of them) getting shelved. The fairies that were in that story might get repurposed back into the hentai that they were once in. I currently have plans to repurpose Lola into a normal story, this time without her light half. She represents year 2007.

Artwork with Lola: Hell Hath No Fury (2007), Darket of Lolitas (2007)

Lady Jess

Lady Jess comes from a series of girls I drew in 2009 called the BladeLadies. At the time, I was really into rock and heavy metal, getting a metal poster calendar and got inspired by the music video Ghost Town by the group Shiny Toy Guns. I remember sketching out a more realistic semi-nude Heavy-Metal inspired woman in a small sketchbook I had. Right next to her I drew this tiny puppet like thing with a cartoonish blade, a helmet covering half her head, and very pointy torpedo-tits. I wondered what this would look like if it was drawn larger. So I did that on the next page. I then got the idea to draw more of them with different boob deformations and weapons. The end result was seven of them being made. Also around this time was when I would change programs right in the middle of the series, forcibly getting switched from Picture Publisher 7 to GIMP. This was when my artwork creating skills would improve with better hardware. Lady Jess represents 2009.

Artwork with Lady Mimi: Bladeladies – Lady Jess (2009)

Lady Mimi

Lady Mimi is my newest creation, making her debut in 2014 with the series BladeLadies 2nd. She was actually conceived soon after the first wave of BladeLadies ended, most likely around 2009/2010. The old theme of BladeLadies 2nd was actually based on gore, building up from the first wave’s theme of rock and heavy metal. I had drawn some BladeLadies concepts, with a few catching on. One of them was Lady Mimi with the giant piecing in her tongue and the tongue length being much shorter than now. At this time however, I had really bad artist block as well as college work eating up a huge chunk of my time. On top of that, I ended up realizing how bad I actually was at drawing gore. Upon my return to making pics on DeviantArt, I decided to bring back the BladeLadies. The theme was switched from gore to a circus, and this some had something of a story unlike the first wave. But it’s very minimal right now so that I can build the world first. Lady Mimi represents 2014.

Artwork with Lady Mimi: BladeLadies 2nd (2014).

Xiuying Gushan

Meet the newest girl to the chibi parade, Xiuying Gushan! Like many of the other girls, Xiuying had her start in a hentai story. And like the others, when that story folded, they were all shelved. Due to my lack of knowledge on the specifics of Chinese and Japanese culture and language back then, Xiuying’s original name wasn’t even Chinese, but Japanese. I had desires to bring her back for a while, but I didn’t find a good time to do it. I finally had a chance during this year’s Lunar New Year celebration. The release did something of a snag, but I was able to upload the pic close enough to the Lunar New Year Date to be relevent enough. Currently, Xiuying is being utuilized in a story as high-ranking general. The story details won’t be known anytime soon however. Xiuying represent 2017.

Artwork with Xiuying: Natsuko Nakahara (2005, old name), Elegant Flower of the Lone Mountain (2017).