This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Youkan, the quiz lady from Mega Man Legends 2, makes an encore performance.

Self Critique: The perspective of the wall ain’t quite right. I mean, I drew it in its entirety on tablet only, but when the other elements are in place, the perspective looks a little skewed. Speaking of perpectives, the remote in Youkan’s hand also has a wonky perspective. By the time I realized, I was too far in to change it. The arm on the far right playing with her big toe looks like it’s missing a finger. It was drawn with the assumption, at least through object permanence, the view will know there’s a pink finger there. I didn’t do enough to make it convincing. On Youkan herself, I’ll have to learn a bit on nose perspective. Her face is tilting up, but her nose, while tilting up with it, is drawn as if she’s still facing forward.

This drawing of Youkan was requested by DeviantArt user “Matrix2006”. He requested that I draw her getting tickled by a bunch of robotic arms. The initial drawing had more arms than this, but is was decided to removed in favor of the arms holding her up and not make the image too busy with all these arms. There was robot arm holding up her right arm, but with the removal, she simply had her arm up. The remote in her hand was then decided on. She herself was drawn on paper while everything else was drawn with the tablet, enabling me to add layer upon layer of objects and elements. This includes a nude version of this drawing which is exclusive to Pixiv members (sorry deviants).

Speaking of layers, I also tried out something I did to one of my Pixiv exclusives, which is using gradient filters for ambient lighting and shadow. So for this I added a transparent shadow gradient as a general shadow on the lower left. I did this with One Night in Mahdad, which is nothing new. But what I then did was add a transparent gradient to Youkan herself, as well as filtering it to keep her colors rich while darkening. The leaves on the wooden beams is another thing I’m trying out which was done with a private request that had trees in the background.

Done on Gimp 2.8. Intuos4 tablet used.
Youkan and Mega Man Legends 2 is © Capcom.