The Mega Man Legends spree continues, this time with a different mayor. Mayor Amelia of Kattleox Island.

Self Critique: The perspective between her and the office is slightly off as the bottom of her chair ends facing forward instead of slightly down like the rest of anything in that specific part of the room. On the hand holding the phone, her pinky and ring finger still doesn’t sit well with me. Design-wise, the desk doesn’t exactly match how it looks in the game. I couldn’t find many pics of how the desk looks from the side and behind, and I really couldn’t be assed to power MML on to look at the desk. I was only about to find the front view and, around the end of the game, an obscured behind view on Youtube.

For this pic, It was all about perspectives. I wanted to make this more of a commanding picture with the viewer almost groveling at Amelia’s feet. During the planning stages, I wanted to make the background look like it was being shot with a bubble lens. Coupled with the not-so=curved desk, those attempts failed. So I settled with just a normal, slightly from the bottom perspective. With Amelia herself, I tried a little bit of foreshortening by making her crossed leg become bigger as it came closer to the viewer. I think I’ll need to practive this a little more as I wanted it to get closer but didn’t have the skill to do it yet.

Done on GIMP 2.8. Intuos4 Tablet used.
Amelia, the map of Kattelox Island, and Mega Man Legends are © Capcom.