This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

2nd furry pic, this time its a commission!

Self Critique: both hands could’ve been drawn better.

Once again I dabble into doing furry artwork. This was started around the same time as Peg Pete, so this actually took quite a while to get back to due to other artwork. I was given the option to choose an OC from Julius and Friends roster. I was looking to do something a little different from my usual workflow. So I picked this OC, named Stephanie Morgan Anderson.

Julius wanted a pose that was tough and sassy, and gave me an example. I was able to find a pose very close to it through my pose book and got to work on it. I was also commissioned to do a nude version of this as well. So I also had to take into account what exactly would be removed. I guess I’ll take this opportunity to explain how I’ve been handling nude variants lately. Before, I used to have a boat-load of variants for different states of undress. This was most apparent for my Wendy pic from 2017. This proved to be a problem as this would increase the workload by a lot for just a single pic, not to mention feel very redundant. The last remnant of this was Kurokishi, which was done last year, but fully completed this year. So after her completion, I made the decision to reduce how many undressing variants I would do. So this basically meant that, for example, if a lady was wearing stockings, she would wear them for each variant. Same applies for shoes, gloves, or any other bit of clothing that would be redundant to remove.

So going back to Anderson, the nude variant would have her still wearing her stockings. I decided to give her shoes since I wasn’t quite sure if to draw the paws. From what other people have done, it was tough to gauge what she had. So I settled on shoes. I did have to make a garter from scratch since no one else did them (plus you can see the clip under the poofy pants from other artists’ rendition, suggesting that he had some on). One part I knew would be interesting to do was any part that had many color transitions, like the stockings and tail. I started changing up my filter shading method. After I finished the shade layers for the base color, I would copy those layers up to the transitioning colors, and pass them through a filter. Before this would be where I would end it. But now I’ve begun diving into the Hue Saturation setting and shifting the color to one that fits all colors. I use to drop the saturation to a grayscale in dire circumstances. But now I try my best to keep a color in there that works for the filter chosen. This ended up working quite well for the stockings, tail, and hair ribbons as they don’t look too de-saturated from grayscale filtering

Side note: I was gonna do a grassy mound for her to stand on, similar to what one of the other artists did. After I completed it, it looked a little too busy. It made for nice experimentation, but overall just didn’t work for this pic. So I dropped it in favor of what you see now. Overall this came out quite well.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model pose referenced.
Stephanie Morgan Anderson is (c) Julius and Friends.

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