They have a lot of useful products from Japan!

Self-Critique: The tip of the shoe on the floor could’ve been executed better.

Last year J-List held a contest to draw their mascot Megumi in your own style. As much as I wanted to participate, other pics, plus still learning a new program (Clip Studio Paint) put off those plans. But this year, J-List is running the contest again. And as I declared on Twitter, I was gonna enter. So the idea here was to pick a fun and energetic pose for Megumi. And what better place to get a pose than from my first purchase from J-List: The Sexual Nude Pose Book! Of course, I was gonna pick the more normal poses from the beginning of the book and not the risque ones. There were a lot of peace signs and the “muscle flex” arm poses for Megumi, but I wanted one that was more of a hyper-energetic greeting of the sort, like an “いらしゃいませ! Check out our products!” gesture. And so the pose stuck! The shading was pretty much par for the course. As first I wasn’t thinking of adding much skin-peeking though the stockings, leaving it to the absolute territory (zettai-ryouikki in other words). But I decided to do it for the lower half of the legs too.

I based the products I chose to display on what’s most popular on J-List, plus products I’ve bought from them. First was the chocolates and candy. While I personally haven’t bought chocolates from J-List, I have eaten some of them before — chief among them being the Pocky, きのこの山 (Mushroom Mountain), and the Hi-Chew gummy candy. The Kit-Kats from Japan are very much sought after due to the variety of flavors available only in Japan (like green tea and strawberry). The cat paws are the little squeaky toys that I bought as Christmas gifts for family and friends last year. I knew J-List sold otaku clothing, so I picked several to display, which include the sailor outfit and skirt, the gym bloomers, and glasses. The Pose Book there is a replica of the exact one I bought from J-list (and that Megumi’s pose comes from). The Body-chan box I decided to put Belinda on as I wasn’t sure if to try replicating the art on the original box or not (particuarly of the Kentaro Yabuki edition). The calendars J-List sells come in a variety of themes, whether they be locales, animals, anime, and sexy ladies (mostly JAVs). So I picked cats, locals, and ladies. On that last one, I decided to make a nod to one of J-List recent hires, Bunny Ayumi (she’s a cool lady that you should follow on Twitter!). J-List is also known for sellign adult products as well. But since DeviantArt has a rule against depicting adult products (like their onhaholes), I decided to leave them out since I want to put this up on my DA gallery as well.

Well guys, wish me luck! This is my offical entry into J-List contest!

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Early sketches done on Autodesk Sketchbook. Intuos4 Tablet used. Early sketches done on Galaxy Tab A with S-pen. Model referenced for pose.
Megumi (c) J-list. Products displayed (c) respective owners.

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