I’m getting pretty good at these backgrounds.

Self Critique: It haunted me from sketch to completion. Her goddamn right arm, the one that’s lowered. She was having a serious case of Popeye arms, so I tried to make it thinner. But then I ran into the problem of having her arm be too thin and scrawny. I’ll have to look up some arm studies for practice. As a matter of fact, I have to look up studies for legs in this position as well as further hand studies.

Remember this lady? C’mon, you remember her. From Megaman Legends 2? Yep, it’s the quiz lady from Pokte Village, Youkan (didn’t know she had a name until I did research). I’m sorta in a MML mode as of late, so I figeured why not do some ladies from Mega Man Legends. Now I could’ve done Tron Bonne or Roll, but it’d be better to do fanart of the ones that don’t quite get enough love. So first up of course is the quiz lady. I was going to pose her similar to how she sits in the game, but this was to be an adult pic, so I spread them open. However it was getting dangerously similar to how I drew Lady Charlotte from BladeLadies 2nd, especially with how I was going to position her right arm. It was eventually settled, though I do have to study up more on leg structure. I did do something new with the hair though. This time, instead of having the strands act as the only shading layer, I now have them act as a texture as well, with a filtered layer on top of them. This alleviates an issue I’ve had with hair strands that ran parallel to the lighting instead of against it. Now I can just go with the flow and let the filtered layer take care of the rest.

Moving onto the background, I had to look up several references since quite a few of them were low res. It wasn’t too hard to do, though I did have to whip those floor textures individually. I kinda dreaded that, but it wasn’t so bad once I got on to it. Finally the chalk drawing. I was thinking of putting up one of the questions that’s asked on the quiz, but opted instead for a crappy drawing of a Servbot with a Z-Saber and another complaining about not having enough zenny to pay off the extortionate price for it.

Done on GIMP 2.8. Intuos4 tablet used.
Youkan and Megaman Legends 2 is the © of Capcom.

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