Saw this character of Twitter, and I had to give her a try!

Self Critique: Some of the stuff here could be attributed to me switching programs. But there are still some things I could’ve done better on. I need to do more practice on the application of pasties. I should’ve maybe rotated the eye to the left a bit clockwise by about 5 degrees and move it inward more. The head shape could be more rounded and not as sharp.

As official looking as all this was, all of this was actually a test. Around the beginning of Summer (June/July to be somewhat exact), I switched programs, moving from GIMP to Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio). So even though I already uploaded pics that were made using Clip Studio Paint (specifically Chesí’s Summer Fashion and 10th Anniversary), this pic is actually the first one I did using CSP. At the time, I wanted to pick something simple that didn’t have complext clothing variants (but have at least one major variant as you can see from the last two). She herself was already done in early July, but didn’t have a background. I waited until I finished all the girls I had already drawn to begin doing backgrounds. But with the end of Summer looming, as well as my 10th Anniversary coming and going in late July, I put her and the others aside to finish the Chelsí Fashion pic and the 10 Anniversary pic. And for all of September I was working on the Gallery website. But all that’s done now, and now I can resume on giving everyone else backgrounds.

In changing programs, I’d lose the Paths tool which I used a lot for lineart. There sort of is one in CSP, but it’s gonna require a weeked to get used to it and try using it. In the mean time, I had to draw all the lineart by hand. You best believe I used Post Correction like a madman. I also looked up a tutorial on inking that Clip Studio had on their Youtube channel ( I followed the guy’s advice but saw that using the Mapping Pen was better than the G-pen. But I also saw that using both Mapping and Felt at the same time worked too. So I also asked my buddies over on Facebook and followers on Twitter which method looked better. They all said Mapping anf Felt looked better. So I stuck with that method. I did eventually switch out the Mapping Pen back to the G-pen for later pics.

Basing in was something I could do much faster on CSP now. And shading, thanks to the Layer Clipping tool, was a breeze. I was still able to use the airbrush like I use to on GIMP, but with a better degree of control over pressure. The smoothing tool (Blend>FingerTip here) was much more flexible here. I did have some issue though over how some Brush modes are handled on CSP when doing the eyes. I’d normally use Multiply mode on the iris to darken the the top of the light ring and, in GIMP at least, it only worked on the paint I already laid down (as it should), and it worked well. in CSP, Multiply would darken the paint I laid down ON TOP of laying new paint around it. Wasn’t a fan of that and still not a fan. But I found another filter that I could use that wouldn’t lay down paint like that and was similar to GIMP’s.

The hair was something that I was satified with at first. It was different here than on GIMP, but I was sort of okay with it. I primarily used a Bit Husky India Ink brush for the strands. But I knew there had to be a way to do the hair better, similar to how I did hair on GIMP. The shit hit the fan when it came time to put down light streaks. That’s where the Materials came in. I looked up some tutorials on how to make new brushes and add materials. I’ll talk more about Materials when I upload Edie since that came into play more there. But for Sponty, I managed to find Material already in CSP that resembed the Bristles brush tip found in GIMP. So I copied the FingerTip brush and switched out the tip for the Bristle-like one. And voila, found the brush. So I redid the hair using the India Ink brush like before, but this time did a once over with my newly formed Bristle brush. Worked like a charm, much better than GIMP.

For the background, I used the Contour Line Paint tool for a curved multi-color gradient (which took yet another tutorial and several tries to get working correctly). I did install some more Material from CSP’s website. This included the bubbles and clouds brushes, but again I’ll talk about materials when I release Edie. I did smear the clouds more to curve them the way I did. The text to spell out her name I did have to make in GIMP though. CSP isn’t very friendly with text that isn’t for speech bubbles (for me at least). When I finished that, I then imported the text to CSP and used the awesome-as-hell Mesh Transform tool to curve it like that. Star glow here, reflection there, and BAM, the pic was done.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention. The pose itself was referenced from Super Pose Book. For anyone looking to do any erotic poses, I highly recommend getting one of these books. The western ones, no offense, really don’t cut it for erotic art. Might be pricey, but there should be enough poses to cover you for at least 1-2 years.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Text done on GIMP 2.8. Intuos4 Tablet used.
Sponty is © tehcait/kaizerfreak.