WIP Report – The Making of Rosalina

Rosalina here is part of a short wave on concept sketches that I’m going back and revising to current standards. I drew the original concept sketch in the sketchbook back in 2018. And back then I the methods were different from how I do them now, like starting with a gesture line for pose and scale before I start doing the construction lines. Her being nude was was basically so that I can draw lingerie on her since I planned to do a pinup pic of her. However it remained incomplete… Until now.

I restarted this near 3-year-old sketch from the beginning on Clip Studio Paint. And for the first time I was going to overlay variants on top like a normal pic, as well as lineup the different variants I plan to do. The I’ll divulge more info about the lingerie when the actual pic is completed. The babydoll she’s wearing is bound to be changed as the flower on it are temporary. I plan to add frills to the trim instead of flowers. As to why I did flowers, it’s mainly because the brush on hand was the closest thing to frills there was without having to drew them individually. I have a pinup illustration by Gil Elvgren that’ll act as a reference for what I want the babydoll to look like. The challenge will be to get it to match a little bit to Rosalina’s normal outfit.

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