Stylishly late!

Self Critique: I made the bristles of the broom too big compared to the 1st sketch phases. As I got further, I tried to do a combo of a curved broom with foreshortening it away from the viewer, but it didn’t quite go the way I intended.

I was approached by DeviantArt user Christopia1984 to draw his character Hazel. I was to do a cute but sexy pose and a simple background. The pose was a bit tricky to think of. I kept going back to the pose you see now. But the problem was that it was similar to the one I did for Belinda last year. On the plus side, at least it gave me a second chance to take my time and correctly draw the ass (instead of doing a literal 1-Day rush from 1st Sketch to completion). Looking at the reference I was provided, it looked like most of her outfit was made of a leather material (at least the boots anyway). The rest I had some free reign over the material, which gave me another chance to try out a shinier leather type of material. On the skirt, I used the watercolor brush and did a hard line, And with that same brush smoothed only one side of that line away from the light source This gave me an idea to do it on the rest of the corset. The result was pretty damn cool looking. And learning from the flame reflection that I did this year on Belinda, I tried it again on Hazel with her fireball. The results look pretty cool!

I was about to make the background orange and black. But The colors were clashing pretty badly with the color of the outfit, and made things something of an eyesore. I had an orange background throughout all of the shading process. And as I got further, it only made things more apparent that I can’t have the background be this color. So I gave Hazel the Belinda treatment and made a predominantly purple background. I still kept an element of orange on this with that Happy Halloween sign though, but at least it’s more or less overshadowed by the purples and blacks in the image.

Thanks to Christopia1984 for commissioning me to draw his character!

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body Chan model traced for schematic skeleton, then drawn freehand the rest of the way. Model also referenced.

Hazel is (c) Christopia1984

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