She’s more Numan than Human!

Self Critique: In trying to do a high-angle shot, I probably should’ve had the view be more in front of Sophia than on the side. I kinda don’t like how I did her hand.

Finally finished up the request raffle pic! If you’ve been keeping up with things here, then you know that I took on a part-time job. Took some time to adjust, especially with fluctuating hours. But now things are stabilizing and I can better schedule when to do artwork.

Now then, onto the show. This is Sophia Rayleigh, one of the playable athletes from the Japan-Only arcade game Mach Breakers: Numan Athletics 2. The game itself is rather interesting. Think Olympic events, but in the future with crazy brolic athletes! Sophia was requested by RaidenSnake as he won the last Request Raffle (which also happened to be Retro themed as well).

There were several events I could choose from for the pose. However I wanted to keep things simple, and many of the events involved either large objects or things in the background. One thing needed the other, otherwise it would look strange, especially since I wasn’t going to do a detailed background. So I settled on the Sprint event, one of the first in the game. With that in mind, I used my Body-Chan for a sprinting pose and did a high-angle shot. As you saw in the Self Critique, I probably should’ve positioned the camera more in front than from the side, especially if I was using the perspective tool early on to make the top half look closer to the camera to aid in the sense of speed. One thing I did want to emphasize though is her musculature. Everyone’s pretty diesel in this game, and this would be a good chance to practice doing leg muscles. It was pretty tough, even with PoseManiacs there to aid me. Usually I’d smudge or watercolor the muscles to near invisibility for legs and arms. But this time they’re more pronounced, so I had to figure out where to keep smudging and where to ease up and let the watercolor brush do its job. So far it looks pretty good. I could use more practice, but for now I like the results.

The background is based on the Attract Mode of the game where it shows the bios of each of the characters. I also added a piece of the concept sketch I did of Sophia when I was preparing to draw her.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body-Chan model traced for construction skeleton, then done freehand the rest of the way.

Sophia Rayleigh, Mach Breakers are (c) Namco Bandai

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