WIP Artwork ~ The Making of Hannah Dundee

Here’s someone I kept forgetting about. First found out about Hannah from the arcade game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. What I didn’t know until I was looking for art references was that C&D started as a comic and eventually an animated cartoon. This made getting references pretty easy. There were some interpretations of her look between the comics, cartoon, and arcade game. But I decided that I’ll be sticking close to her look in the comics.

A little bit of a flex, but the art director of Tetris Effect, Lumines Remastered, and Rez Infinite was among the people that like this sketch over on Instagram. Took me by surprise and honestly made my day.

As usual I’ll try my best to update on this post on the progress of this pic (unless I skip to finishing it like I did with Azuki-tan).

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