WIP Artwork ~ The Making of Annie from Wild Guns

Update 11/8/2021

Here’s something that took a surprisingly long time to actually get to in a sense. Back in 2016 , I had planned to draw Annie from the SNES game Wild Guns (which you can see in the first pic in the gallery). What ultimately put the brakes on this was the pose I chose and the ambition of the pic I wanted to do at the time. I hadn’t quite switched to Clip Studio Paint yet, and the scope of what I could do with GIMP 2.8 was at its limit. Not to mention that Wild Guns only existed on the SNES at the time, thus not many references to go by. Eventually I scrapped it.

Today is different however. Wild Guns Reloaded is a thing, and I was finally able to play it on the Switch. Plus a whole lot more references became available upon the game’s release. And wow the coloration of her outfit was inconsistent. Of the bits of art available ā€“ the promo art, the Reloaded cover art, the Character Select screen, the cutscene/result portrait, and the in-game sprite ā€“ the coloration of her shoulder pads, the flower in her hair, the hems of her hat and dress, and her gloves were different in some way or another. Eventually I settled mostly following her in-game sprite, and coloring the flower and shoulder pads based on the promo art.

If might be a bit before I get to this to this. However I hope to now be able to draw something without fear of ambition.

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