WIP Report – The Making of Moby from WURM: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Several years back, I was made aware of WURM: Journey to the Center of the Earth during one of my nightly Rabbit Hole romps into the NES library of games and music. I think a good chunk of us found out about WURM thanks to images of Moby’s kick attack. I had planned to draw her, Layla, and Samus together a few years back shortly after discovering Moby. However those plans fell through (though I could still bring it back). So what about this concept sketch? Thankfully there’s a bit more references of her on the net, not to mention the portraits from the game itself. And like always this has a discrepancy between her Famicom cover art and her in-game look. But I decided to go based in her in-game appearance. Her design was a bit on the simple side. So I pictured what would Moby look like if she was in a new modern game. I stuck close to the original while adding on a few extra touches. I adjusted the look of her wrist blaster to include an ammo cartridge behind it, plus some more ammo on her thigh belt when laser energy runs out of her gun. Admittedly this whole design is veering a little too close to “Justin Bailey” Samus

Still not sure what kind of pic I’ll be doing of her. But I’m sure I’ll think of something in the coming weeks.

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