This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

“So you take this orally? Or…”

Self Critique: I’m still not too comfortable with how I drew the “gooch” part of the panties. The model I referenced had a thong on, and Valentine was wearing normal panties. So I had to figure out what to do. There’s also a few areas in the legs where I wasn’t sure about the muscle definition rendering, but it’s alright for the most part.

Here we go, my first piece of Skullgirls fanart! This was a piece that was commissioned by my bud DagobahResident. We had a convo about what to do with Valentine, particularly something that not many other artists have done with her (this is mainly regarding the uncovered variant). I thought of a pose from the Sexual Nude Pose Book that would be perfect especially for something of a doctor’s office setting. Of course, one detail I changed was the arm holding the thermometer.

The one interesting thing about this entire pic is that this is actually done using the Simple Shading Method that I’ve been developing for a few months now. Last time I used it was with Gobbledine back in February. There are some details that I’d end up losing, but it’s more efficient to do, take less time to do (when I’m actually doing it, this took a couple of months due to other projects), and maintains the vibrancy of the colors. I’m still trying to develop a slightly faster method, mainly for situations involving groups of more than two people. But for now this’ll be the way forward for this method. And don’t worry, I’m still gonna do my standard detailed shading.

There wasn’t going to be much of a background. However I was going to at least have a chair (otherwise this would look weird). I did however took advantage of a lack of detailed background to do something interesting. At the very early stages I was thinking of doing a sterile white background. It wasn’t until the base color phase that I decided to do a black one instead and really play up the sinister nature of Valentine. I think one thing that I’m finally starting to get comfortable with is letting the filters obscure certain details that I worked on. Before I was unwilling to let it happen since I want people to see what I work on. But I found that to hinder the final product of what kind of message I want these pics to portray (and maybe hide a blemish or two).

Anyways, this pic was a success for my simple shading method!

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model referenced.
Valentine and Skullgirls (c) Lab Zero.

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