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Finally after nearly a year waiting, it’s finally completed!

Self Critique: This pic is actually pretty old, so this’ll be interesting. I’ll explain in a bit. But first, the hand on the lap is a taaaad bigger than the other. The volume of the hair shading where it’s whipping is rather lame for me. Her nose could’ve been moved over to the left a bit more.

It took me long enough, but I finally finished it. The interesting about this pic is that I drew this before I had gotten my first Body-Chan model last year, evidenced by the schematic of this still using the Wooden Manikin style of construction (Patrons can see this in the step-by-step). I was actually tipped off about the game Kurokishi is from, Guardians: Denjinmakai II, from a user on Pixiv. I looked up more info on the game, It’s a side-scrolling beat-em-up that never quite made its way to the west. But from the gameplay footage, it’s stupid fun with crazy ass action and characters. Of course, that’s where I spotted Kurokishi. So I decided to draw her.

Around the time I was drawing this, I was still messing around with dynamic angles, thanks in part to the Hyper Angle pose book that I got. I wanted low angle pose that was sexy, but badass. And I also wanted the environment to be as chaotic as the game this is based on. So I chose the train level from early in the game. I took some liberties on the environment’s depiction. Around the part of the stage when it transitions from being in a tunnel to being in an outdoors area, in-game it looks like some kind of industrial area (turns out it’s actually some kind of theme park). I changed it to a simple bridge area where you can see a skyline (even though Kurokishi is covering). Also, an explosion never really happens on this level, but I included one anyway, as if she just beat up someone, threw them off the train, and then exploded. This was actually the first time I had rendered something like that. I had meant to practice painting explosions over the weekend, but didn’t have a chance to. So I had to experiment and learn on the spot, going by memory on tutorial I saw on how to animate fire and smoke.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used.

Kurokishi, Guardians: Denjinmakai II are (c) Banpresto.
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