“I have no chocolates today, but you wouldn’t mind a little bit Turkey Breast, right?”

Self Critique: Should’ve maybe angled the bow a bit to make it rest more on the clavicle and breasts.

Woah, it’s Gobbledine again! Why is she here? Well, to make a long story short, what you’re seeing here actually came from her concept sketch when I was first designing her. I’ve grown to like her bust shot so much, I decided to go ahead and make it a full on pic. But not just any pic. This whole thing was actually an experimentation with my Simple Shade Method. I mainly use this method for my chibi drawings, but I rarely ever get the opportunity to do this on full drawings. And with my desire to both work faster and to start doing my own manga/comics, I want to put this method to the test on a real pic.

For several months, I’ve been experimenting with different, faster methods of shading while still maintaining vibrancy and integrity of details. My Simple Shade Method, unlike my usual Detailed Shade, uses less layers and is heavily dependent on pressure sensitivity, as well as dipping into the watercolor brushes for further tweaking should the need arise (mostly for the hair). From the first brush stroke to the last, the shading process for all of this took only about an hour and a half! I still had enough stamina to work on the background. If I tackled this with my Detailed Method (which uses more layers), this would’ve taken me longer, and possibly would’ve left me too burned out to do the background (possibly leaving it to the next day). However I know that that I wanna go faster! For now, Simple Shade seems to be the way to go for faster works. But I’ll continue experimenting with Cel Shade and Grayscale methods this those could not only be useful for comic pages, but grander scale images as well.

Soooo, why is this a Valentine’s Day pic? Well, I noticed when I added Gobbledine’s tail (which wasn’t in the concept sketch), it was almost in the shape of a heart. So decided to do that. And since a stomach bug delayed my working on several pics for a couple of days, I figured this would be a good substitute for what I initially had planned. And besides, who could resist a nice meaty platter of turkey breast!?

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used.
Gobbledine is (c) DeadPhoenX

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