This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Belinda: “Hoowee, that was a close one. Ah reckon’ we lost them varmints in the woods?”
Jackie: “Nope, no sign of ’em goily. We got the book outtadere widdou’ a scratch.”
Kai: “You lech, we would’a died again if your weren’t starin’ at Belinda’s butt while we were escaping!”

Self Critique: Something about Belinda’s dress is somewhat weak. I wanted to make the material look like a halfway between being cloth and being silk, kinda like what I did last year. Not sure what happened this time. On Jackie’s fire, I think next time I should approach the shape of it differently, but still apply the same techniques (might like I did with Fella’s lightsaber on the 18 Anniversary pic).

Belinda’s back for Halloween 2018! And believe it or not, this is actually one year late! Last year, I had planned to do three Belinda pics. However due to Cala Maria taking up the spotlight and time, it was bumped down to two. Thus this pic was put to the back-burner. When October was closing in again for this year, I decided to bring this pose back in. I actually finished shading in Belinda earlier this month, but I took on a relatively big commission. I was also preparing a couple of other pics that’ll go into November.

Anyway let’s get to the pose. Last year, before I started using makeshift props for the body-chan model, I posed her using the sword that she came with to represent the broom. From there on, it was a matter of just drawing her out. Overall things went well. Still gotta practice doing faces at different angles, but I’m getting there. One thing I wanted to do was make her cape really flip out and billow closer to the viewer. A funny, but helpful thing I did during the 1st sketch phase was make a warped cube and bring the lines out from the cube and into her shoulder. I showed the process over on Twitter. From there on, I drew out the cape accordingly.

The background was going to have Belinda zipping passed old-timey buildings. However since October is passed the halfway point, I wanted to get this done a bit sooner, and I find that I draw natural elements quicker than man-made and indo locations. So I did trees instead. The mountains and moon would remain the same. Kai, Tasma, and Jackie was gonna be in this of course. However their inclusion was gonna make this pic rather crowded. So I decreased the size of Kai and Tasma to make them be further ahead of Belinda. I also decreased the size of the moon to what you see now. Jackie was gonna have all of his fire behind his silhouette. But since I wanted him looking back and flying backwards, I realized it would make more sense for his flames to overlap him. It might make more sense if you see him in the Halloween 2017 pic and the Summer 2018 pic where he’s flamed on.

Compared to last year, I think I did quite well with this pic of Belinda.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body-chan model traced for schematic skeleton, then drawn freehand the rest of the way.

Belinda Cauldron, Kai, Tasma, and Jackie are (c) DeadPhoenX.

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