“You got some active eyes hon. How about making yourself useful and helping me with my sunscreen.”

Self Critique: I should’ve maybe flipped her bangs into her face to compliment the rest of her hair going into her face. Right now it just looks like the shape of her head from the cheek to the chin is very narrow, when it’s really her hair covering her face.

Here she is, 9b8ll’s OC Moira. This pic was the winner of the 600 Watcher Request raffle. There wasn’t much info beyond showing me the character, so all decisions were up to my discretion. I settled on drawing her in the same bikini design from the reference photo, but also adding a few string ties for the bikini, as well as a transparent skirt. I also decided to add a flower to her head as well. You can pretty much tell this was gonna be summer themed huh? So I pretty much ran with it. I also took this chance to try doing more toned body, heavily referencing the human body figure over on Posemaniacs. Might’ve made the body a little too long, but it’s a step in the right direction I feel.

The background took a bit to conceptualize. But I figured a cutout of Moira with a sunny beach background would do the trick. Kinda had the white and blue idea from the cover of Anri’s Timely album, which contains the song β€œWindy Summer”. I was hoping to just draw an ocean, some sand, and the sky. But something in me didn’t want to settle on that. I wanted to do some buildings instead, like a resort. But I really wasn’t feeling drawing some buildings. That’s when I checked Clip Studio Paint’s materials to see if there was a building in there. Lucky for me, there was an entire infinite skyline! So I plopped that baby down, drew the sand and sky, and applied the necessary filters.

This came out much better than I expected!

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model referenced.

Moira is (c) 9b8ll.

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