This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

You know the rules of Seagull Restaurant? “Always keep the kitchen clean.” Guess Lily’s ignoring that rule.

Self Critique: The bottom side of the aprons shading could use work. On the hand Lily’s licking, I wish I could either redraw that thumb or remove it. When I add a real back ground to this, the decision will be made then. It just looks so.. off right now. The glass of milk could have better milk splash. Also, the method I used to do the cup and milk was rather unwieldy. Would’ve been better to separate with more layers.

Believe it or not, I actually drew Grandia’s Lily back in 2014. However I never got around to shading it in. However with Mother’s Day coming up, I was thinking of doing a milf themed pic. But I was in the middle of another pic. But that’s when I thought to bring this pic back and finally finish it. One things for sure, I changed up many of the processes I did for lineart since 2014, and so I had to adjust several parts of the lineart to accommodate what I do now. I also finally drew what was supposed to be on the dish she’s carrying. Some of by work doing backgrounds on pics not yet released here has really helped in free-handing quite a few objects without the need for the Paths tool not the magic wand. What I’m most proud of is the Apron, or rather how I was able to adjust it. The apron was drawn rather differently on the top. After I adjust parts of of Lilly’s boobs, I had to fix the apron, which I redrew to be more clingy than the first attempt.

The unfortunate side effect of deciding to draw this pic so close to Mother’s Day was that I had to forgo drawing an environmental background, and instead settling for this generic one. The setting would’ve been the Seagull Restaurant, where Lily lives and works at. But rest assured, I will draw a real background for her and re-upload this pic in the near future.

Done on GIMP 2.8. Intuos 4 Tablet used.
Grandia, Llily, and the screenshot of Grandia used in the background are © Game Arts.