This artwork contains NSFW variants after the fourth image within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Save the zapper bullets for that damn dog instead!

Self Critique: Something about her hip bone still doesn’t sit right with me, even after multiple attempts. Getting better at doing knees though. A couple of more tries with future pics could nail down its anatomy. I tried my best with the shadows from the spotlight. I really need to study this more.

Addressing: The Plates. This is actually an error. Far into drawing her (pretty much at completion), I looked up gameplay again to get a reference for what I could do for the background (besides having just a blue one). When I saw the gameplay again for “Trixie’s Shot” the sound when they were shot off her hand suggested they were coins. Turns out they were. I always thought they were the flying saucers from that event being used again for Trixie’s Shot. Whoops.

Another obscure blast from the past, Trixie here comes from the NES Zapper game Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting. I remember seeing some people in a thread on forgotten retro game babes, and they mentioned Trixie and how barely any fanart is made for her, if at all. So I made a note of that and made sure to come back to this idea if I get the chance. When it came time to draw her, I had to update a few things. For starters, Trixie had more of a halfway-chibi style to her. So I made her more properly proportioned. I also made her one-piece more high-cut in keeping with the 80s/90s fashion (and also because screw that Nintendo wholesomeness!). I looked at the sprite sheet for her to see what pose I could do for her. Once found, I looked up gameplay to see where that pose appears and make the entire pic based on that (if you clicked on the “gameplay” link, it’s at 28:00).

So that was set. For the background, this was actually a tough one. During her event, she had disco balls above, a dark stage with a single spotlight shining on her, and a solid blue background. It was too simple, and if I chose recreate and have it in widescreen, she’d be too far out. And if I made this pic in portrait, I couldn’t show much of the stage. So I compromised with this strange image dimension. Next was the stage. I decided to bring in a backdrop prop from another event that’s done in the game and just let it linger in the back, as if the stage crew just leaves it there so that they don’t have to keep moving it around between certain events (and so that, for me anyway, the stage doesn’t look so empty). I added the dog from the game at the last minute during the sketch phase for some humor (though looking at the gameplay again, I could’ve added the parrot too, or Barker Bill himself). While adding light and shadow filters for Trixie, I also added direct light streaks for intensity, just to see how that would look. I tried adding some light glow before this, but the light streaks worked better.

The shadows were a massive pain in the ass. I actually considered this done when I finished. However, after letting it sit for a day and looking at it with fresh eyes, I realized some things needed to be changed. I got a flashlight and shined it on a figure I had and put it up against the wall, trying to replicate the situation here. After enough futzing, I got the shadows from Trixie close enough to believable and called completion. Still though, everything came out okay.

10/31/2016 – NEW VARIANTS ADDED!

I was commissioned anonymously to create a Pantyhose Variant to Trixie. It wasn’t difficult to do since pantyhose (when not being manipulated by something) are form fitting. So it was easy to add.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used.
Trixie and Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting © Nintendo