Summer’s in a few months! You ready?

Self Critique: The lining of the abdomen (to our left) should be curving inward, and not outward like that. I was pretty late in catching this. I couldn’t quite get the lowered arm right.

Here’s Miyasscret’s OC, Himacutee. If you remember, she was the winner of the 500 Watchers Request Raffle (which that came about after the Pixiv/DeviantArt First To 500 Gallery War). The request was to draw her OC in a teasing pose, complete with sexy bikini. First thing I looked up was several revealing bikini styles. I was close to thinking about doing a slingkini, but I wanted to practice more on shading in squished boobs. While a slingkini can make that effect, it wasn’t going to work well with the pose I had chosen. So I tossed that out and stuck with a two-piece set. I came up with three designs from the references I had, and settled on the one you see now.The pose I got from the Sexual Nude Pose Book. There were several that were pretty good. But I kept going back to this Summer theme I had in mind with her holding a can to her head.

When it came time to do the background, I started fudging around with different things to get a dither effect more easily (like the one I currently use for my header on Twitter, Patreon, etc). I pulled the usual Retro_style_IS material that Clip Studio Paint has and put a gradient map over it. From there, I was able to get most of the dots to become one color, and then change them from there and apply them to the repeated image of Himacutee in the background. I moved it aside and  thought of putting another pattern. That’s were I found an actual dither tone among the materials — albeit very tiny and only used for tone shading in manga. So I applied that to the background. Once I put regular Himacutee into position, put her drop shadow, and applied her filters, I was about to call completion. But the more I looked at it, the more… empty it looked. Like it needed one more thing. Then it hit me! This could be like an ad for a drink she’s selling! And if I wanna work on one of the manga I want to do, I gotta get friendly with the Speech Bubble tools.

Overall, I say this is alright. This was pretty fun to do.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model referenced.

Himacutee is (c) Miyasscret.

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