Gotta Protectors, go!! I guess all that running paid off!

Self Critique: Kinda wish I added more detail to the hand holding the spear. Also, her face miiiight look a little odd. She was drawn roughly around the facial overall period with all of my pics some time in early Summer. Either way, the face it a bit off.

Another one done from the backlog! Meet the Amazon from Ancient’s 3DS game Gotta Protectors (JP name みんなでまもって騎士, or “Protect Me Knight”). How I came about doing this was pretty funny. I saw gameplay of the game, and knew that I wanted to draw the Amazon. I just didn’t know when. Then Ancient’s Japanese Twitter wondered who in the game was the “Suggestive Themes” offender. Then I stepped in. You can see the exchange on Twitter, it’s pretty hilarious. And so for almost a year (off by a day actually), I’ve been teasing the pic to Ancient’s Twitter, and each time they were anticipating it. Then Amazon’s Running Diet came out. At that point, I knew I had to hurry up! And finally, it’s done!

This was actually going to be a tongue-in-cheek joke pic with the Amazon posing while an explosion went off in the background as her comrades tried their best to protect Princess Lola. However those ideas began to die down the more I realized how much more detail I’d have to add to make that happen. Plus the workload of other pics began to pile on. As time went on, I settled on a more calmer setting. Lucky for me, Amazon’s Running Diet became a thing. I had already finished the Amazon’s shading by the time the game was announced. So thematically, I repurposed the pic to have it be the Amazon showing off her new hot body after she finishes her Running Diet. The pose was one of the earliest ones I did using my old Body-chan model, and required a lot of tinkering to get right. When it came to drawing the Amazon, there weren’t that many references to go by, and both the promo art and the in-game art had slight differences in her clothing, and especially her hair. So I based most of her design on the promo art.

The background went through a few changes. Initially, the castle was much further back as there was supposed to be an explosion with her comrades flying out of it with them pleading to the Amazon to “stop posing and help us!”. When the theme was changed, the castle was moved closer. It began looking off scale when I started shading everything in. So I moved it even closer to where it is now. Also for the background, I experimented more with the oil brush (as opposed to my Airbrush/Smudge combo), and was able to get in more details using a single layer (as opposed to using 5). It did take slightly longer with some elements, like the boulder and the barricade, but I’m certain with time I should get faster the more I use it. The biggest hurdles were the tree bark and the castle. I tried doing the individual bark lines, referencing both real life photos and paintings from George Kamitani with trees in them, but it wasn’t working out. So I reverted back to what I did with Cala Maria, but with more refinement. The castle I tried to paint the individual bricks, but it was tedious and too numerous. So I created a rough brick pattern in a separate canvas and imported it over to the castle. Then from there I shaded in in the individual bricks where needed. For the shingles of the castle, I actually brought in the Fish Scale Material from Cala Maria and painted each scale to create the shingle pattern. Looks like that thing’s gonna come in handy quite often!

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body-chan model traced for schematic skeleton, then drawn the rest of the way.

Amazon and Gotta Protectors are (c) Ancient Games (Hope ya like the pic guys!)

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