“Being dominated like this turns you on, you lecherous cur!?”

Self Critique: I doubt I did that pelvic bone correctly. Since this is an older pic and I got better at this, I now I can looks at this in hindsight and say I didn’t do this right. I’m also not too confident I did the underside of the boobs right.

Finally I can post this. This was commissioned by one of my guys on Twitter, @BlueGaleBae. This is his OC (which I don’t quite know the name of). He wanted something on the lewd side, and said that the girl was rather tall. So I picked a low angle pose, referencing the Hype Angle Pose Book. He also said that she was toned, so at the time it gave me more doing more toned bodies. If I remember correctly from November, I think I used the the Perspective tool on the schematic to make the view more dynamic and make the viewer fell even smaller as she towers over. Out of everything here, I really wanted to get to the horns and shade them in since I’m seen so many other artists shading in horns that looked amazing. I had some practice with another Art Trade I did for an IRL friend of mine who also had an OC that had horns. It’s not as sleek looking as others, but it still looks pretty good with all the effects.

Speaking of which, when I got closer to the end back in February, I tried out more of that Shine and Glow effect that I did with Earth Chan so some pretty awesome results. I also played around with some of the manga effects that come with Clip Studio Paint. In keeping with the perspective, I wanted to have everything converge to one spot. Some of those whiter spots don’t quit line up with the darker streaks, but I think it still gets the point across.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet Used. Model referenced.
This character is (c) Blue Gale (@BlueGaleBae)

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