Rather unique commission for me.

Self Critique: The forearm cupping the boob is quite awkward to me.

This is a commission from twitter user Iroyzo. I was commissioned to do Emilia Hermit (from the manga 100) wearing the popular virgin killer sweater. I actually drew this back in September. And this is the second time I draw the sweater, with the first being Chelsí. I brought out the old body-chan model (before I got the new one) to try and get the post. It was somewhat tough to made the hand cup the boob since, well, the boob is plastic. So I settled on what I had and then pulled up some references to refine the pose some. The sweater was a bit tougher to do this time than Chelsí’s since this was the more standard design of it which includes the straps in the back. I ended up getting lost from time to time during the base color phase as to which was the strap and which was the hair! The hair was pretty wild as the anime and manga have different levels of detail and ever so slight differences to it. Overall, I’d say the results of everything is pretty satisfactory for me. And my client loved the results too, and that matters to me.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body-chan model traced for skeleton, drawn the rest of the way.
Hundred, Emilia Hermit is (c) SB Creative (Light Novel), Fujimi Shobo (Manga), and Production IMS (Anime).

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