This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

The title screen’s theme song is stuck in my head again…

Self Critique: On the less clothed variants, the leaning-forward pose and her abdomen made it difficult to show that her abs go inward. They look like their popping out. Gonna have to practice this more on my own.

Adressing: Before I start the description, there’s a rather massive elephant in the room. I actually drew the wrong character and the outfit has the wrong colors! While playing the game on MAME, I was led to believe that there were only two girls in it, Kaori and Satomi. The girl on the title screen did have pink/red hair, which at first led me to believe it was Kaori. However Kaori’s hair was really long, and the title screen girl’s hair was shorter. The only other one with short hair was Satomi. She however had brown hair. I chalked it up to color limitations, and since she also appears at the end credits, I assumed she was Satomi. As I went back and did more research for info to put for the description, I found a page detailing its history, which led me to the Block Gal creator’s website, and eventually the reality. The girl on the title screen was an entirely different character named Miyuki! And he also had a hi-res gif of the girl where she was wearing a red dress. Compare the title screen to the drawing on the website, and you’ll see how far off I was. I presented this conundrum to my Twitter followers, and was told to just keep it as I drew it. So here I am explaining myself. Not sure how many Block Girl fans will care, but y’never know!

With that out of the way, let’s talk the process here. I was sifting through my newly acquired Sexual Nude Pose Book from Jlist, and was looking for a pose that would suit a pic of Satomi. I narrowed it to two, and eventually one. I’ve been noticing lately that some of my drawings have some rather stiff poses. I remembered looking up gesture drawing on Proko and tried finding a central curve to the pose to give it more movement, and then began drawing from there. It still looks a bit stiff, but that should improve with more drawings. The clothed variant has more motion than the non-clothed ones. Since the title screen girl had her feet cut off from the bottom screen, I improvised the shoe color (though now that I found the hi-res, they probably should’ve been the pink that her dress is). After finding out about that previously mentioned mistake, in a panic I did go back to her sleeves and lightly erased them for the transparency effect. On the lingerie variants, like Feedback Romance I used a lace brush. This time around though, I duplicated it, made it a darker color, and moved it down to give the pattern a shadow, making it pop out.

For the background, I was going to recreate the title screen (minus the title). The background was a very abstract arrangement of shape. Having no clue whatsoever with how to even begin, I opted to trace out what exactly I was looking at. I couldn’t make a 1:1 recreation, but it was close enough. The sparkles were no problem (though looking back at the title screen, I should’ve added more).

If you’re wondering what exactly this game is that Satomi comes from, it’s an Arkanoid clone. On top of that, it’s a strip game. the more stages you complete, the more of the one two naked girls you see. It’s not too bad, but it’s not that great either. What really hampers the experience is the brutal difficulty. It was made purely to steal your money while stimulating your libido. A word of warning to those deciding to play Block Gal on MAME: GET THE BOOTLEG TOO.  This game is brutal to the point of being unfair. The vanilla game has no continues, but the bootleg enables that. You’ve been warned.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used.
Satomi and Block Gal are (c) Sega and Vic Tokai.