This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

‘Bout time I drew this girl!

Self-Critique: The attempt at making a more detailed abdomen isn’t too bad. Gonna need more practice with that though.
UPDATE: As per a critique, I fixed the face by increasing the size of the nose and mouth. Thankfully those two were still on their own layers. If you wish to see the original versions, click the following -> (Clothed, Topless, Bottomless, Nude)

And here’s the last of the Puzzle Gals trio. When thinking up doing ladies from puzzle games, World arcana from Magical Drop came to mind. You may not know her by name, or even the game she comes from, but you’ve probably seen the bouncing boob gif of her. The pose I chose also came from the Sexual Nude Pose Book that I got off JList. It more or less helped with the hip sway and the interlocking of the fingers. I did have to dive into my references for some abdomen shading  since I always felt that I never do enough shading for those sections. I made two attempts at shading in her top, mainly because of the nipple bumps. At first, I had the idea of shading it in like normal, then erasing away for the bumps. That didn’t work well. It got worse when I then decided to change the shading to make the top stretch taut. I erased it all and started over, this time keeping all of that in mind rather than making them final additions. Of course the nude variants were no problem.

The background was very easy to do. It’s just a recreation of her background from Magical Drop III. It was only a matter of using simple selections and placing down some rulers. Nothing to really write home about.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used.
World and Magical Drop are (c) Data East