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Self-Critique: I’m still not sure about the iris of her eyes being black instead of gray or not. Also… I kinda forgot to add a shadow under her necklace… and the ring is on the wrong finger…

This creation was thought up after a what-if scenario I thought of in March. I was thinking about Pac-Man and how he has a wife, Ms. Pac-Man. So that got me thinking about Mr. Game & Watch. and the question “well, what if he had a wife?” So Mrs. Game & Watch was born… sort of. I mentioned this in one of the WIP postings. In the concept sketch, she actually had a different hairstyle and facial composition. I intended to draw not just Mrs. Game & Watch, but Ms. Pac-Man as well. So when I looked at what I had finished, I realized that some features would be better on Ms. Pac-Man, and others on Mrs. Game & Watch. So I re-did the concept sketches with each feature split to the better ladies. From the outset, I knew that coloring her in would be both easy and challenging since she’s literally just two colors: Black and Grey. The challenge more or less came from how dark I could make certain areas since the 5 shades chosen for both colors has to work on everything. Making matters worse, there’s a strange… oiling (?) effect that occurs when you blend two shades of black, where these weird rims start to show up. It’s impossible to avoid sadly, so I had to manage how noticeable that effect would be when looked at up close. The choice to not give the Mrs. eye-whites and just lashes and pupils is mostly inspired by the style of the time of the G&W handhelds’ release, which saw many characters in both anime and cartoons having just lashes and pupils. Think the main cast of the original Scooby-Doo cartoon, or quite a few Hanna Barbera cartoons for that matter. The pose was, of course, the famous Judge game which also serves as Mr. Game & Watch’s side+B in Super Smash Bros.

The background was a toughie. I was thinking of doing the Judge game background, but… there’s nothing! I was thinking of other backgrounds, like Octopus or the Lion Tamer game, but it just seemed weird. All my thoughts on a locale had me coming back to Oil Panic and the famous “GAS” station. Anytime I thought of Game & Watch locations, that place always popped up. Probably due to that place being one of the first locations displayed in the Flatzone II stage in Smash Bros (and being the default location in the Omega version of it). So the location was set. The next issue… the sky, of all things. I wanted things to look cheery, but kinda hold true to to the original game (to an extent). A pea-soup green or beige color wasn’t gonna look good, especially since this is a filter I gotta apply too on the large portion of the image. And a grey one would just make it look like a cloudy day. So I settled on perpetual twilight. I’m still not sure about the choice, but at this rate I’ll keep it. At least if I draw this lady again, it’s another chance to do something new!

Before I leave, lets go back to the lady herself. She was obviously gonna be naked. But I wanted to put on her some other references to the G&W games, much like her husband does when he fights in Smash. There’s Judge or course. There’s also the alarm bell, Octopus, and G&W himself on her ring. Mr. Game & Watch in the back is using Flagman to cheer on his wife!

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body-Chan model trace for schematic skeleton, then drawn freehand the rest of the way.

Mr. Game & Watch and all referenced Game & Watch handheld games are (c) Nintendo.

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