She finally has one this time!

Self Critique: Both hands I coul’ve done better, particularly the one with the brush.

I wanted to talk about how I’m getting poses lately on another pic with Chelsí, but since this came out first, I’ll do it here instead. So I had gotten another artist model to use as a reference, the S.H. Figuarts Body Chan. However I was contemplating tracing it for the skeleton since I kept seeing Japanese art products suggest it (including Clip Studio Paint … and that last episode of Golden Boy Kintaro). You can see what I mean on my twitter. I wanted to do this to speed up the process of drawing since I’m notoriously slow at getting new pictures out. One thing I wanted to do to cut out the fat was to at least get the skeleton, and from there I could make any changes I wanted and freehand from there. I presented the question over on my Twitter, with the end result being split down the middle as to whether I should do it (the polls say to NOT do it, but one of my buds EroBotan came in too late but said I should, so it’s split). So I gave it a shot, and it worked! I got my skeleton, and I was able to get the exact pose I needed for both the other Chelsí pic and this one. So from now on, if the model’s skeleton is traced, I’ll make a note of it down below.

Now then, onto the pic in question. Last year the was no Valentine’s Day pic. If kinda bummed me out as it was yet another holiday pic I missed out on. But this time I wanted to get something out, and I went into literal crunch time to make this. And thanks to Clip Studio Paint, I can do things a little bit faster than last year. So obviously I wanted to to use Chelsí so that she can redeem herself. And since I wanted to get this out fast, that meant no variants. Thanks to the model, I was able to get a good profile shot of her body, though it’s obvious I need more practice. But, in due time.

As for the heart in the background, I used Clip Studio’s Figure Ruler (I think that’s what it was) to create a heart, to which I filled it in. I then used two lace brushes along the ruler to line out the heart. I wanted to use more hearts, but since Chelsí’s all about stripes, I stuck with the stripe motif. And since she’s French, “Happy Valentine’s Day” is also in French. As well as the label of the vanilla whipped cream she’s eating with a paintbrush.

So Joyeuse Saint Valentin from Chelsí Pleinar… and Finne too if he can hold on long enough.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model’s skeleton traced, freehanded the rest of the way.
Chelsí Pleinair and Finne is (c) DeadPhoenX. Permission not required for non-profit purposes, but credit with link back is needed.