Chelsí finds out about the fabled Virgin Killer Sweater.

Self Critique: The hand holding the brush is strange. I guess using my own hand on the spot probably wasn’t the best reference. I also need to study a bit more regarding the bone definition of backs and how to approach shading them.

For a while on twitter, a bunch of artists both in Japan and the West were drawing characters with this apron-like sweater. Most likely the first pic I saw seemed like any other pic. Then the J-list twitter pointed out that is was gaining popularity. That’s when I realized that a few of these pics weren’t some one-off pics. This was a trend, and so I capitalized on it. The no brainer here would be to use Chelsí since she already wears a sweater. This would also be good practice for drawing backs and butts. Last pic I did with a behind-shot was A Warm Bath With Mei. Unlike several pics before this, This wasn’t going to have a detailed background. It was gonna be simple. A pic like did didn’t really call for a detailed one anyway, and the effort to put one wasn’t going to be worth it if I wanted this to go up in a timely fashion.

As a sidenote, I mentioned back on the Chelsí Valentine’s Day pic that there was another pic before that where I traced the figure model’s skeleton. Well, this is that pic. You can read more about that over on Joyeuse Saint Valentin.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 tablet used. Model’s skeleton traced.
Chelsí Pleinair and Finne are (c) DeadPhoenX. Permission not required for non-profit purposes, but credit with link back is needed.