Broke a sweat doing this one.

This was a request by DeviantArt user falcougeplz (now known as ScorchingWhrilwind). He requested that I draw these two together, Rouge and Falcon from the Capcom game Power Stone. I’ve had a inkling to draw Rouge, probably a bit after I drew Shantae way back when. However either I never had a chance to, wasn’t motivated, or didn’t have the time. But now was my chance. I was given a pose reference and went to work. I had to look up a few more references for them to clarify a few things, like Falcon’s stubble and the design of Rouge’s mantle. I did try out putting more guides this time around as I usually draw two characters on separate pages and bring them together on the computer. But since these two were directly interacting with each other, They had to be drawn together. And no pen either, so I had to be extra careful with the eraser. And yes I did this one paper before scanning them. I’m not quite ready to do full drawings with just the tablet alone.

What I did to completely on the comp was the background. With the background, I tried remembering back to some of the stages I saw when looking up gameplay for this game for research (I’m one of the unfortunate few to not own a Dreamcast and miss out on Power Stone Collection on PSP). I tried to remember Falcon’s stage and was ready to put them there. Then when It came time to do the background, I looked at Falcon’s stage again. It wasn’t quite what I remembered. “Could I put them in an airship? Eehhh….” So I looked at Rouge’s stage. “Eeeeeehhhhh….” And finally I tried Power Stone 2. “Nooooooooo”.  So I presented the idea to falcougeplz, and he went with Rouge’s stage, Mahdad. This one I had to screencap gameplay in the stage to get the details right. The design of the panels and the door were just too intricate to follow, especially with a blurry reference. So stretced and tugged a piece of the panel from the screenshot and I traced one out to the best of my ability, then duplicated it. From there one, it was a matter of chipping away at parts of the environment day by day until total completion.

It you see this on falcorouge’s gallery, he has permission to post it.

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Done on Gimp 2.8. Wacom Intuos4 tablet used.
Rouge, Falcon, the Mahdad stage, and Power Stone are © Capcom