First Art Trade I’ve done in a long time!

Self Critique: I probably should’ve made her lipstick softer. Also wasn’t quite sure what to do about the shape of the lips for it. I’ll have to reference the horns again for the other demongirl coming up soon as I’m not sure how to feel about the set I did here.

The girl here is part of an art trade with an IRL friend of mine. She said she’ll draw my postergirl Chelsí, and in exchange I’d draw her OC (which I believe she named Lily). Since she was a succubus, I picked a post to match. At first I wasn’t going to add the panties, even though the reference photo had them. However I thought about it, and decided to add them in for both the seduction appeal and to show the squishiness of the thighs. Since the background was going to be dark, I took the change to play around with some strong rim lighting and glowing effects, especially since they’d be more noticeable on tanned skin. On the hoodie, I was thinking of putting a fuzzy texture on it, but decided against since most hoodies don’t have such heavy texturing (like heavy sweaters would have). For the horns, I was at something of a loss has to how to shade them in. I mean, it’s simple enough when you think of it. But since the horns are sectioned off, I wanted the shading to reflect that. I tried to remember by heart how artists on Pixiv rendered horns, but started to hit a wall the closer I got to the shine layer (where most of the horn magic is when rendering). I ended up settling with that look, but I’ll have to look at horns again for the next pic featuring a demongirl, which will be coming up pretty soon.

One thing I’m proud of with this pic is the speed of which I worked on this. After doing so many pics with variants on them, which take more time to do, I forgot how much faster things have gotten when there’s only one version to a pic. The shading process only took me a day to complete, with effects only taking about 30 minutes the next day. Overall, it took me three days to finish. I even changed up my workflow a bit, focusing on all of the skin first, then the clothing, then the face, hair, etc (I usually go bottom to top, regardless of clothing).

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 tablet used. Photo referenced.

Lily is (c) IRL buddy.

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