That’s the shitty pun. I promise to not do it again.

Self critique: Her head needs to be more tilted. The raised hand on the right side seems to have no depth at that soft part of the paw and should’ve had an all-around shadow to sink that part in. The fur of her paws should’ve gone all around rather than stopping. at the middle since it goes all around her arm. She kinda has a big head.

Long time no see for Meow Rhapsody! How long has it been anyway, 2007? Might have to do Lullaby soon then if another holiday is coming up, or maybe one of the other catgirls I drew way back when. Regardless, I decided now would be a good time to try drawing something for Valentine’s day. I was actually gonna have this be a Pixiv exclusive to join the other exclusives I have on there since dA is sort of like a “Main Event Drawing” kind of place for me and not for quick stuff like this (just look up デッドフェニックス、can’t link to my Pixiv due to extreme adult content). But it would be unfair to let the Japanese have all the fun with Rhapsody, so you guys are getting it too (though I’m kinda late by a day here)

I changed practically nothing to her design. What I did change was how I did fur. It’s something I practiced during my absence here after drawing Q-Bee back in 2011. So I put it to good use here. When I scanned her pencil sketch, I noticed she was a little on the thin side, so I widened those hips to my liking. She still looks kinda thin, but better than her sketch.

As for the whole Master thing, it’s sort of a play on how cats bring you a dead rat. Usually when they do that, it’s either because they’re trying to feed you like its mother might do (and you’re its the kitten apparently), to show off how great it is at hunting animals, just being generally nice to it and feeding it regularly. So since this a little too cheery for a dead rat (or my fish mascot, though I may do that in the future), I opted for a small Hershey’s kiss.

Done on GIMP 2.8. Intuos4 tablet used
Meow Rhapsody is © DeadPhoenX.

Older Pic of Rhapsody for full-body reference.