This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

So earlier this year I did a commision for the administrator of website Sutorippu!, @Sutorippu. I was tasked with drawing the site’s mascot, Nugi-chan, cosplaying as Katsuragi from the Senran Kagura series. A pose and clothing variant was also set, and were to be put side by side. You can see the results of that on the Nugi-chan page over on the Sutorippu!. Where you’re seeing here however is a special split version I’ve created for this gallery (and for Deviantart/Pixiv later on).

To get the kicking poses down, I made heavy use of the Mikoto 3D poser, and had both a flexed leg and high-kicking pose. I was told to flex the leg on the nude variant (sorry fellas… and ladies out there too!). I had never done a pose variant before this, but at the time I was also experimenting with sketching on GIMP (which I was still using at the time). So It was really only a matter of drawing all the static spots like normal and having any variant areas sketched with a different color and put in its own layer group. Probably the most difficult part of all this was the boot. In Senran Kagura Burst, Katsuragi didn’t have all those designs on the gold part of her boots. from Shinovi versus onward, they gained those wavy details. I wasn’t sure if to include them or not. I then decided to do them, but there was no clear reference regarding the exact flow of the pattern. So I tried my best with what I was seeing. Overall this was a good result.

Finally, do check out Sutorippu!. It’s an awsome site that catalogs many old-school Japanese strip games ranging from the Arcades, to the Famicom, to even the Sharp X68000.

Done in GIMP 2.8. Intuos4 tablet used.
Nugi-chan is © Sutorippu. Katsuragi and Senran Kagura is © Marvelous/Tamsoft/[Righteous Boobage] Kenichiro Takaki.

If you too want a commission done, head on over to the Commissions page for info on what I can do for you and how to contact me.