…bring big and beautiful May flowers! Fancy a bounce?

Self Critique: Part of me kinda wishes that I make her mouth just a little bit bigger. The ab-to-waist ratio also isn’t as thin as I had originally planned. The set up kinda make it tough to perform.

Here’s a pic I wanted to do for the longest, but never got around to giving it a shot. I realized now would be a good time since 1) I needed something to release that was relatively quick, and 2) the timing is great since it’s Spring time and now we’re transitioning from April to May. Fun Fact: I’ve never played Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I know of it, especially this song. But not a lot of specifics. This is due to me not owning an N64 nor an OG Xbox for Live and Reloaded when I was younger. I know it’s in the Rare Replay, but I’ve never gotten around to getting it.

So lets talk about this Sunflower! The pose I got from the Sexual Nude Pose Book. I wanted something that looked like she was taking a shower. Once the pose was set, it was a matter of drawing her. And maaaaaan did it feel weird at first. For starters, she has no hands, just leaves. So in the schematic, she looked like she had these giant mantis claws! But after the 1st sketch phase, everything started to take shape. And speaking of shape, those boobs! These may very well be the largest set I’ve ever drawn! I outright laughed when I increased the Boobs Schematic way beyond the usual size I’d bump them up too. But you bet I had fun drawing and shading it. Speaking of shading, I was surprised at how quickly I shaded her in. I had only planned to work on her lower body when I began. But then I just kept going. And before I knew it, I was done!

And speaking of fast, the background was just as quick! Her background was sketched up alongside her 1st sketch phase. So once I finished shading her in, It was just a matter of continuing to the 2nd sketch phase and base color. The next day I began shading it in using mostly watercolor brushes. I had only planned to just shade it in and not do any effects. But after some experimenting with several effects, I realized that some of these were simple to apply and looked pretty cool. Eventually I looked at the pic very late into the effects phase, and realized there was nothing more I could add on. It was done! As for the background I chose, I was thinking of having be the same location as in the game. But behind her is a large reddish cliff. Not quite what I could call a pretty scene. And it’s not like I had the game to aim the camera behind her to see what she’s seeing over the cliff she’s on. So I had to just make up a scene.

Here’s another Fun Fact: I had planned to add Conker in a higher location in an Inserted Frame to the upper right holding onto a fire hose and aiming it down at her. Considering the humor of the game, you can fill in the blanks as to what that would look like. I decided to leave it out since, as fast as I worked on this, this is actually pretty late due to working on other pics.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model referenced.

The Sunflower and Conker’s Bad Fur Day (c) Rare Ltd.

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