Yes, the two shop you see on the Home and Shop pages of the Blue Fish Apartment weren’t just for show this whole time! Shops were actually happening! Took a little longer than usual since I had to design the merch while also working on the BFA and other artwork too. But it’s finally here. If you wanted to have my artwork on something like a mug, as a sticker, or even on a clock, you can finally make it happen and own it!

Right now on the shop is the Pocky Collection. All six Pocky-tan have products based on each one that can be purchased. Starting around January, I’ll be adding more products to the catalog based on more artwork as well as the Silly Sketches.

So hit up the shop now and get something nice for ya! It’s Christmas season while I’m writing this, so now’s a good time to not only support my artwork, but to also make someone else happy!

So Why RedBubble?

Throughout 2020, I was shopping around for Print-On-Demand sites that would handle doing prints. This alone spiraled into something else I’ll get to when the Print Shop opens next year. But one thing I kept worrying about with this new venture is the content of some of the artwork I do, and keeping potentially unsold inventory in my home. With the content, RedBubble is the more friendlier of the bunch in terms of more risque content as well as selling one’s own fanart. Given, there’s still some fanart I won’t put on products for some rather obvious reasons. They’re also friendlier with more risque content and have the ability to put a filter on it.

Some time during my shop hunting, I was pointed to another site (that I won’t mention) that was a-okay with more adult content. The issue was that it was all curated, meaning there’s a chance of a design being rejected and not given the time of day. While I understand why some sites curate their products, I’m more of the mindset that the public should decide that after the fact. If it doesn’t sell, that it comes down, and if it does, it stays up. If I’m wasting time designing a product that fails, at least I can say that it was given a chance.

What About Prints?

That’s one thing I won’t be selling on RedBubble, or any P.O.D. Site. I won’t explain why just yet. But just know that all you’ll be finding on my RedBubble shop is merchandise. I still have to iron out some of the logistics I’ll be facing, but prints will be coming at some point next year.

So what kind of artwork are you slapping on products?

As mentioned earlier, right now I have the Pocky-tan Collection up. They’re on things like mugs, shirts, clocks, phone cases, and stickers. Down the line I’ll be looking at my past artwork to see which ones would look good on some products. I’ll also be adding my Silly Sketches chibis on some products as well.

With that said, I hope you like the artwork on your new mug, the sticker on your laptop, or the coaster under your cup, some (or all) with my artwork on it. It’s only me and another person making this happen. So buying from Merch Shop Possion will be supporting a very indie artist and his helper.

Here’s the link the shop again.

Whatever you buy, I hope you enjoy it!

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