This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Took me a while to get around to uploading this.

Self Critique: I’m starting to get this feeling that the thighs look overly thick. Like, I don’t have a problem with thick thighs if the midsection kinda matches. So this one just looks overly thick. The left-side tail wrapping around the arm admittedly doesn’t really look all that good.

Addressing: Weird, warbly patterns all over the image. This is a thing called Glaze. It’s used to protect the artwork from AI dataset crawlers. The artwork might still get picked up by them, but what their algorithms see will be very different, and possibly corrupted. I tried to keep the intensity as low as I can while not taking away from the image. This is the reality of things now, so from here on I have to glaze my artwork. My apologies if this is a problem for you.

Here’s a commission from one of my followers, HentaiMistress, over on Twitter (I’m not calling it X). I actually finished this earlier this year, but it took me a while to write up this description due to other things I had to take care of. But here we are. I was tasked with drawing Nekomata from the gacha game Idle Angels. I was also tasked with drawing a bikini, nude, and futa variant. There weren’t many references to go by outside of the official art, not to mention that the artwork for the game was rather lo-res, especially for all the detail this girl had. And good lord did her outfit have a crap-ton of detail. This lead to an issue where I wasn’t sure what the front of the outfit fully looked like. So I threw a Hail Mary and looked up the game and the character in Japanese. This lead me to a youtube video of cosplayer Enako, and praise Zeus she was cosplaying as Nekomata and advertising the game. She came in clutch! So now that I had a better idea of what I was up against, it was off to work. I knew the other variants would be a cinch, but the outfit was gonna take a while. This was even true with the concept sketch, hence why I left it at flat colors and moved on.

As things were taking much longer than usual, I decided to make up for that by changing the background. Seeing as this most was looking rather dakimakura, I changed the background to a fabric look. Before the change, originally it was gonna be a flat teal background. I overlayed some sketch lines over that color, and nope, it wasn’t gonna work. So I did pink instead. I got HentaiMistress’ approval for the change, and the end result came out alright.

Tools And Resources

Done on Clip Studio Paint 2.0
Wacom 16 Tablet Used
Artwork cloaked with Glaze for AI Protection
Pose referenced from Sexual Nude Pose Book: act Makoto Toda (pg. 126, upper left photo)

Nekomata, Idle Angels © Neorigin Games Global. Hello Kitty Head (on Bikini Variant) © Sanrio.

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