This artwork contains NSFW variants after the second pic within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Did you know there was another Double Dragon fighting game?

Self Critique: The more I look at her mouth, the more I realize that maybe I should’ve just left them alone and maybe put a small speck of shading indicating the chin. For the back of her knee, I tried something a little different since she’s a rather built, using several references for the look. It’s not as bad as the Wii Fit Trainer, but not as good as Grace.

So yes, Double Dragon had another fighting game, this time on the NEO-GEO arcade. Unlike Double Dragon V, another fighting game that was based on the cartoon, this one was based on the movie adaptation. To be honest though, outside of using stills from the movie as either background elements or to tell the story, it has virtually dick-all to do with the movie. From the looks of the gameplay, the fighting is much more competant than what you’d expect, especially if you just came from playing the awful Double Dragon V. You can see gameplay of that here.

But enough the the review, let’s talk what and why. DeviantArt group Fighting Games Elite was scouting for obscure fightng game characters for a series. You can see the details here. Since I already do fanart of obscure characters, It was right up my alley. I eventually picked Marian from the NEO-GEO arcade game since I was in a slight Double Dragon fix at the time. I wanted to do a behind shot this time, with the help of the Figurarts Body-Chan model. The one change I did while sketching this up was putting her right hand on her hip as well.

The background was a bit tough to choose without making it controversial. Marian’s stage is within an arcade. The stage here is actually Cheng-Fu’s stage. I was watching gameplay to get ideas for backgrounds. At first I was going to put her in one of the street stages that belongs to one of the Lee brothers. But then the sunset version of this stage kicked in. I thought the setting looked nice, even if it had nothing to do with the Marian or the Lee brothers. It looked daunting to do at first with all the stuff in the foreground, at least with the boathouse. But I knew it’d be smooth sailing once I finished that. I did have to trace the outline of the buildings in the back, as well as some of the more complex window designs. But a majority of the windows are freehanded.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 tablet used. Model’s skeleton traced, then freehanded the rest of the way.
Marian and Double Dragon are (c) Technos Japan.

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