This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Pete’s at work, PJ’s at school… what’s a gal to do all day?

Self Critique: The arm on the pillow would probably be better if fully obscured. Though it’d probably look like Peg has one arm. Maybe her hand on the headboard would’ve worked (especially now that I’m drawing backgrounds very early on). The perspective of the shoe to our left is rather awkward. There’s also some face tilt as I forgot to flip the canvas. I tried to rectify it somewhat, but it’s still somewhat noticeable if someone flips it.

Here’s my first ever furry or sorts, Peg from Goof Troop. The choice to draw her came about after Bunny Ayumi brought up a question about 90s furry gals. This led to me and another person remembering Peg from Goof Troop. So since Mother’s Day was in May, I decided to add her (and another mother) into the list of pics to draw. The idea here was to draw Peg alone during “a time before webcams”. Back then, if someone was making homemade erotica, it was with bulky videotape camcorders. Recordings would either be stowed away somewhere, or passed around within a circle of friends. Nowadays, you got the internet, easily accessible webcams, and a larger audience. I did plan to have a camera on a tripod closer to the viewer, but sadly I ran out of time.

Peg being a hip heavy character, and me needing to do more butt pics, I decided to make this a behind shot. Right away I knew that I’d have to deal with one of my weaknesses: the back of the knee (no old pun intended). I still think back to the pics I did of the 80s Wii Fit Trainer and Mario Golf’s Grace and how… off their knees looked. So this time, with help from Pose Maniacs and my Pose Book, I was able to finally able to render that to a level I was happy with. The Body-Chan model did help me out with the twist of her back, which I kinda dreaded in the early stages.

The background was of course going to be the Master Bedroom. I didn’t have a lot of references to go on as to what it looked like. I did see that Peg and Pete use a striped blanket. But when I tried to lay that down, it looked awful. So I settled on a floral patterned one. The lighting was going to be somewhat tricky as I wanted this to take place during the day (at a time when Pete and PJ would likely not be home), but at the same time be dark in the room (and not look like a lamp was turned on somewhere) since Peg wouldn’t want anyone looking in. So I decided to add some mini-blinds stripes where the sun would shine through. There are variants where the effect doesn’t quite match up. However there’s not much else I can do about that with the current workflow. Still, I’m especially pleased with how this pic turned out.

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Body-Chan model traced for schematic skeleton, then drawn the rest of the way. Pose Book model also referenced.

Goof Troop and Peg Pete (c) Disney.

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