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[Commission] A Dangerous Invitation – Euryale

Are you brave enough to approach, or even to gaze? This gal here is Euryale, the OC of my buddy Jax. This commission came about as a result of a bounty I put up a back in 2018 over on Twitter that was fulfilled two years later.

Merch Shop Poisson Is Finally Opened!

Yes, the two shop you see on the Home and Shop pages of the Blue Fish Apartment weren’t just for show this whole time! Shops were actually happening!

15th Anniversary Celebration ~ Meet The Main Circle

My how time flies! Even though 2016 was five years ago, it still feels like yesterday I was celebrating my 10th Anniversary, creating the Chibi Parade of all the OCs I’ve drawn throughout the years. And now it’s already 2021, my 15th Anniversary of doing artwork online.

[Commission] Downpour In Canopy (Parasoul ~ Skullgirls)

Back at it with another Skullgirls gal, this time it’s Parasoul. Commission comes courtesy of my regular bud, DagobahResident. In coming up with this pic, I came up with the idea of making this a sort of companion piece with Eliza.

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