This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Blessed be to the Kimishima Zaibatsu for bestowing upon us this bountiful gift.

Self Critique: I kinda wish I made the squishiness of her butt more convincing on the clothed variant. I probably should’ve made the needle on the odometer of the Chilla its own layer so that I could give proper motion motion blur to it to show how crazy the thing is moving. I’m not too sold on the red splatter I put on it for its speed. Her knuckles also don’t look right. Her earring was shaded in wrong. It’s more like a leaf with a bunch of diamond shapes. The position of the buns where the twintails come out of are rather botched. I got very confused as to how it should look.

Much like I said on twitter, I’m a simple man. I see ass, I draw ass. Plus, I can finally do a proper low-angle butt shot (previously the rest of the butt was covered by a sweater). Seeing as Twintelle uses her hair for her gloves, I utilized two references for this pic. One from the Hyper Angle pose book, and the Body-Chan model. The Hyper Angle had the angle I wanted, but the pose needed to be changed since she wouldn’t be using her own arms to touch her butt. So that’s when Body-chan came into play. From there on, it was a matter of getting the schematic out of the model and moving all the parts into position.

Since I had the super hi-res key art of Twintelle, I was able to see what kinds of details were on her, like her skin being sprinkled with glitter and her pants having some kind texture on it. When I began to fill in the details, one idea I had was to make the Chillas (her signature cold gloves) overheat. It was surprisingly difficult to get the heating effect to work on the blue chevrons on her gloves. I had to go back to the base color and shade layer and make them gray, then go back to its effects layer and apply the blue colors there, then add the heat colors again. THEN it finally worked. The pattern on her pants was made using one of the hatching brushes on Clip Studio Paint. I was thinking of using some kind of rocky pattern, then passing it though a filter and using mesh transform. But realized it’d probably be a strain on my aging computer, as well as not being all that visually appealing. So I settled on the hatching brush, which worked better than I expected. I also contemplated doing a thong version of this pic. But that’s be more work than I wanted, and I was fresh out of doing the Wendy pic. I wanted this out fast.

Moving to the background, this was going to be based on her stage, which seems to have a Brazillian theme to it. I pulled several references from her trailer, which had many tall buildings in the back. There was one area in particular I was thinking of that I wanted to place her. I also noticed that there were billboards of her in the stage. The imaged on them I directly lifted off the trailer and placed on the billboard you see now (though mostly obscured by her hair). Since there were tall buildings, I wanted to try out a technique I saw posted on Pixiv. Man oh man, it worked BIG TIME, and cut down the time it took me to make the buildings. Finally, the flags aren’t present in her stage. However whenever I think of the Brazilian carnivale setting, those flags always pop up. So I added them in. Think of it as the Grand Opening of her stage before the ARMS Grand Prix begins!

Finally, I wanna give a shout out to the r/rule34 subreddit for having a thread on my previous Wendy pic. Gained lots of views and followers on Pixiv from that thread, and the comments were funny. Many thanks guys!

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model Referenced. Body-chan model traced in several areas for the schematic skeleton.
ARMS, Twintelle, and images on billboards are (c) Nintendo.

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