This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

Husband’s working, Ataru’s at school. Lum’s probably up in her UFO (or bother Ataru somewhere)… Now’s a good time to read something steamy!

Self critique: I probably should’ve rearranged the fingers on the neck a little bit. It probably would’ve helped to wrinkle the blanket near her foot a little more to make it look like she’s interacting with it. And to probably cast a shadow from the apron strap on the variants that have it.

It’s funny. Out of all the things I could draw from Urusei Yatsura, the first thing I start with isn’t even Lum, but instead Ataru’s Mom. There’s no shortage of bae material from the show that’s for sure, and Ataru’s mom, for me anyway, was one of the first to show up. And since Mother’s Day was rather close at the time, I decided to add her to the list. The plan was to give her the Peg Pete treatment and have her alone at home as well while everyone else was out doing something. She was also going to get an extra lewd variant as well like Peg. What’s interesting here is the dynamic eroticism I explored between both Peg (an presumably American woman) and Ataru’s Mom (a Japanese woman). I explained over on social media that with Peg, she pretty much went all out with her butt in the air. But with Ataru’s Mom (and no she’s never named in the show), she’s much more reserved in her arousal.

The pose was little tough to figure out since I was referencing a model. The tough part was what to do with the arms since it has to accommodate both non-lewd and lewd variants, much like Peg. I eventually settled on what you see now. One thing that is known to be attractive in Japanese eroticism is the neck. So I put at least one hand there. I was thinking of having her looking through some newspaper article with Rei’s picture in there since she fauns over him a lot (even puts on makeup when he’s around). I ended up settling on a generic erotic novel.

For the background, she was obviously gonna be in her house, particularly the bedroom. At first I was thinking of having this take place at night. But, like Peg, the only plausible time that she would be alone in the house would be during the day (then again with Lum around causing mayhem, anyone could be alone at any time!). The blankets I partly when back to an old method for the wrinkles. With Peg, I went almost all watercolor. However that was rather unwieldy for me to handle most of the time and took longer. Here, I stuck to my airbrush halfway through. When all the shades were set, I combined the lowest 3 shade layers (of 5) and ran the watercolor brush through them. This turned out to be a much better and efficient method, and kept things natural and fluffy (instead of over-wrinkling like I did with Peg). This setting also gave me a chance to once again do strong light sources and rim lighting. There also one more effect I was finally able to apply now that I remembered to it: dust particles. I meant to do it it with Shampoo since some older Japanese structures (and older structures in general) don’t have the best of ventilation. But I ended up forgetting at the time. I had a chance with Ataru’s mom and applied it, brightening up adding the dust wherever there was light coming through. So now things look a bit more natural and lively. Overall I really like the end result here!

Done on Clip Studio Paint Pro. Intuos4 Tablet used. Model referenced.

Ataru’s Mom, Urusei Yatsura is (c) Rumiko Takahashi.

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