It’s been a long time since I’ve done a character with this much detail!

Self-Critique: The placement of the rockets is quite off. By the time I finally caught on, it was too late to change it. The perspective angle on the gun to our left is also messed up. Same reasoning for not being able to fix it soon enough.

So I was browsing Twitter one day, as usual. Then someone had retweeted a gif from someone named RCTR_tw of this rocket-girl he created. It was really well animated and the girl was cute. So I thought I should give it a shot drawing her. I did some concept art first to get a feel for it and put it up on twitter as part of an “Upcoming Previews” set. RCTR liked it a lot and grouped it among other fanart that was drawn of her in a Moments post on Twitter. Much later on he also drew my Big Al (Pilotwings) profile pic that I use on Twitter. So I wanted to make this one look awesome.

I grabbed several frames of the animations he made so that I can reference each angle. There was also a gun concept that he posted that I also used as a reference. And finally, he put up a fully proportioned pic of the girl, as well as her official name, Iristar Nubatama. And so once I got to the shading process, the references were all ready. For posing, I used the Mikoto program for the pose, but I also tried out this other technique I picked up from Proko about gesture drawing, namely about S curves and C curves. I do need more practice with it, but it did help a lot when arranging the parts of the body and outfits. For the background, I tried a different blending brush, Running Color on Fiber, for the nebulas colors. Worked much better than I initially thought.

Save for the errors I mentioned in the self-critique, I’m beyond pleased with the results. Hope RCTR likes it!

And Happy New Year everyone!

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 tablet used.

Iristar Nubatama is (c) RCTR_tw.
Check out his website for more info on Iristar and the game (that’s in development) that she stars in.